What A Sunset!

Hey! Its May!

April has flown by in a bit of a whirl. Mainly its been post holiday washing.
No sooner had one lot been done, more seemed to appear.
I have one diva luxury in life – I DO NOT IRON!
It get collected midweek, and arrives back pristine at the the weekend.
I don’t like my family to look dishevelled, but Im not the one who is going to stand
for hours ensuring they are turned out to perfection, oh no. I may be a domestic goddess,
but at this, I draw the line.

So, what have I been up to. Well, a lot of domestic stuff, paperwork and gearing up to start work with Pete Ware on my third album with Energise.

Speaking of which, we enjoyed a lovely afternoon/evening as “Casa Energise” to celebrate Dave’s 50th on Saturday 23rd April.
Dave is not one to be centre of attention. The limelight is not for him, but I think he enjoyed his surprise party with close friends and family.
I know we certainly did!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE. Love Team Dean xxx

So, the only big event in the Dean Towers diary was for 27th April, for our much anticipated theatre visit to see the wonderful Glenn Close as Norma Desmond
in “Sunset Boulevard”.
This is a particular favourite of both co-pilot and I. in fact we have seen the show twice before, so when tickets for the Glenn Close show went on sale
we booked immediately.
As some of you may remember, our tickets went astray, and never arrived, which meant we had to collect duplicates on the evening of the performance
in person using I.D. Obviously this was not destined to go smoothly……
You can imagine I was somewhat concerned to receive the following text from co-pilot on the late afternoon on the 26th April:
“On way home. Feel like Sh*te”
This turned out to be somewhat of an underestimation, as what followed can only be described as a re-enactment of that famous vomiting scene in “Exorcist” except this was
in the glorious hues of tomato soup and an M&S cheese sandwich.
18 hours later, poor co-pilot was still laid in bed, unable to move. Headache from hell. Aching everywhere, and with a hacking cough.
Would we be able to go to the show?
What were we going to do about the tickets?
Co-pilot and passport were needed to collect the tickets, and quite frankly after spending well in excess of £300, I was starting to worry.
The suggestion “Take my passport and my head in carrier bag” didn’t really help!
Can you imagine me turning up and the box office with passport & head, like Norma herself as Salome presenting the severed head of John the Baptist in her ill fated movie script?
No? Me neither.
There was only one thing for it…….co-pilot had to be fortified with morsels of dry toast and Panadol until able to stand upright.
Emergency sick bags, tissues, Strepsils and Panadols were packed and we headed into town.
To cut a long story short, after collecting the tickets we bumped into a very old friend of ours, who was only there as he had seen the show the previous week, and due to Miss Close
being unwell, didn’t get to see her (Co-Pilot sympathised massively at the star of the shows illness) by sheer fluke Michael re-booked for the same night as us, and was sat only 2 rows behind us,
much to the delight of Miss Dean Junior!

sunset B2

Sunset B


Obviously Glenn Close as Norma Desmond was awesome.
The orchestra, superb.
Michael Xavier as Joe received admiring applause for his performance and six pack from both the ladies and gentleman in the audience.
I have to say, I was at first disappointed with the stripped back industrial looking set, especially after seeing the grandeur of previous productions.
Norma Desmond without her sweeping staircase? Really?
But by the 2nd half, I was so transfixed by her performance, a grand set was not needed when we had the real deal Hollywood star in our midst.
With hindsight, the grand set with a full orchestra AND Glenn Close may have been just too much.

Miss Dean Junior was totally blown away by her performance, and was the first to jump to her feet when the eventual standing ovations came.
When we first saw the show, the leading lady was Patti LuPone. Sadly on the night we were booked to see her, she had been rushed to hospital with appedicitus, so the understudy took her place.
The second time was with Petula Clark, who was brilliant.
With the exception of Gloria Swanson herself, in her Oscar nominated role (turned down by Mae West, Mary Pickford and Pola Negri) I have to say, for me, Glenn Close is The Perfect Norma Desmond.
A mix of drama, angst and vulnerability. I admit I did shed a tear when she sang “As if we never said goodbye”.
Her descent into delusional madness was subtle and totally believable. Its in the way she moves that makes it so believable, the chaos and confusion acted to perfection – and that in my humble opinion is the sign of a real star.

Miss Dean Junior & co-pilot are going again, to the final matinee. They are right up in the gods this time, but they don’t care.
Co-pilot just wants to enjoy the show without feeling dreadful (and minus the emergency sick bags) and Miss Dean Junior, well, she just wants to clap, stamp, holler and shout her full appreciation of Miss Close as Miss Desmond again.
I LOVE that she LOVES the theatre! I think Miss Close has sparked “new ways to dream” in my little girl.

Just one complaint, not about the production, but to audience members who are incapable of switching off their mobile phones.
It is rude.
It is disrespectful to the cast.
It is bloody annoying for the rest of the audience.
Turn off your phone!

My gruesome twosome (co-pilot & daughter) both succumbed to the vile virus, and by Thursday the pair of them were both in bed, coughing, sweating and feeling generally terrible, but I had to
leave them on Friday 29th April for “Churchills” in Manchester.
While they suffered, I unleashed the power of The Queen of HiNRG in the gay village, to a packed venue.
I had a great time with the audience and the team at Churchills – I’m sure I will see you all again sometime!

On my drive back home on 30th April, I called in to see Pete (and the lovely Tara) Ware to deliver the first part of our new album project……………


Watch this space.

So, after all that a quiet Bank Holiday planned for us, as they rest and recover from coughs, snuffles and sneezes.
Welcome to the Hazell Dean Home for the Chronically Coughing & Abominally Aching.

Always Hazell xxx

PS. Next shows:
7th May – BJ’s White Swan. London
28th May – Bradford Pride. Odsal Stadium. Bradford.

Bradford Pride

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