Rain Rain Go Away!!!

Hi Everyone!

August, as always , has been a busy month, and one of scorching heat and piddling down rain.
To be fair the rain started to be a pain at Salford Pride on 26th July, and has been a problem ever since.



We started off on 2nd Aug at The Londoner in Barnsely, at a Charity fundraiser for the local hospice.
Nathan Moore and I strutted our stuff, as did Miss Dean Junior, who received a sneaky kiss from a young chap named Harvey, after they joined me on stage for “We Are Family”
While driving to Barnsley Miss Dean Junior was playing a game where she had to name famous people……
She had listed the ones she knows – Toyah, Jaki Graham, Angie Brown, Pete Burns, Pete Waterman, Claire Richards, Billy Ocean etc, and asked me to add a few too….
“Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Bette Middler, Cilla Black, Dusty Springfield” I said.
Minutes later co-pilot looked up from the iPad and said “I hope this isn’t true. Ive just read that Cilla Black has died”

7th Aug – A gloriously sunny evening, perfect for a relaxing dinner by the river Thames and a trip to the theatre to see a Korean Contemprorary Dance production of “Alice In Wonderland”.
Now before you think Miss Dean is very high brow, let me explain…..we had intended to go to the cinema to see “Minions” but couldn’t get tickets.
I may not be high brow, but I am no Phillistine either, and as much as I could appreciate the sheer physicality of the performance, plus the incredible timing of the dancers in sync with the projected backdrops, my back was killing me, from what were possibly the most uncomfortable theatre seats I have ever had the misfortune to sit in, plus I had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on!!
Miss Dean Junior also lost a tooth midway through the show, announcing loudly, dribbling blood “My tooth has just come out!!! Is there supposed to be a flabbery bit of skin hanging down??!”
“Flabbery bit of skin?” what in heavens name is a flabbery bit of skin?
I can assure you by the time the dancers took their 2nd curtain call, I was desperate to vacate the torturous seat and head home for a nice cup of tea.

Next day – 8th Aug – PINK, Stoke on Trent for a late show.
I haven’t been to Stoke for a long, time. In fact the last time I was there was a New Years Eve, when a good couple of hours into the journey, co -pilot casually asked “Where are your stage clothes?”
They were of course still hanging at home in Dean Towers!!! An unplanned shopping spree saved the day.
Suffice to say, I double checked I had EVERYTHING in the car before setting off this time.

The following morning, Miss Dean Junior, co-pilot and I took a short walk to the museum in Hanley. Spending a few hours wandering round looking at the beautiful ceramics the county is world famous for.
Both enjoyable and educational. I never knew the designer of the Spitfire, RJ Mitchell was a local lad, nor did I know he had died before ever seeing his design battle to save our country.
“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”



Then on we went to Wakefield Pride at The Rainbow, where once again, prompted by DJ Marky Mark, Miss Dean Junior, resplendent in a rainbow feather boa joined us on stage for another rousing “We Are Family” to close the show.


Miss Dean Junior spent a week under the influence of Denise Waterman at All4Kids for their production of “We Will Rock You”
Cast as the Killer Queen, she has been singing songs from the show ever since….Thanks Denise!


15th Aug – Cardiff Pride. I always have fun in Cardiff (although arrived home to a £70 fine for driving in a bus lane, thanks to my Sat Nav!)
Rob and the gang did a fine job organising the event. The photo’s sum it up perfectly!

Cardiff Pride








21st Aug – Scotland for another fund raiser, this time for Clan Cancer Care, before taking a flight back to London, packing my car and heading off to Sussex for a week by the sea……


When I arrived it was glorious. Miss Dean Junior and co-pilot were glowing after a day of body boarding. Time to rest…..ahhhh, bliss!

The rest of the week was an absolute wash out. It rained every day!
Did we let it stop us having fun? Oh No we didn’t!
We went to the 1066 battle ground, in beautiful Battle. Walking around the ruins of the abbey and looking out over the battle field while it poured with rain and thunder rumbled ominously in the distance making the whole experience very atmospheric.


Miss Dean Junior and co-pilot found a swimming pool with water slides and rapids, to throw themselves into on a daily basis – if they can’t bodyboard they have to find another way to exhaust themselves – I sometimes think I may be living with a pair of sea otters!



The final day of our break we headed over to meet my mate Nicki French, in her home town, taking a tour of her childhood. The sun shone, and we had a lovely day before driving back home to Dean Towers in time for the Bank Holiday, which of course is a rainy one!

And then BACK TO SCHOOL………

My Next show is a private party on 5th September, but hope to see some of you in Sunderland for my penultimate Pride of 2015 on Sunday 27th September.

Hazell xxx

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