Q&A With Hazell

Team Dean have been collecting questions over the past few months, so here they are – with Hazell’s answers.

We have even once been asked the very odd question “petrol or diesel” Really!!??

So….If you have any questions you have been desperate to ask, email us and we will add yours to the list and answer it next time:

· What is your favourite perfume?

HD: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Prada “Luna Rossa” and Chanel “Coco Mademoiselle”. They are my signature freagrances. My everyday favourites are Clarins “Eau Dynamisante” and Eau Ressourçante

· Summer or Winter?

HD: I am a Summer girl. I get the blues in Winter.

· What’s the last CD you bought?

HD: Last CDs bought for me were a collection of Beverley Knight albums. I think the last one I bought for myself was Ed Sheeran “DIVIDE”

· Who are your favourite male and female singers?

HD: I have far too many to mention. At the moment the albums I play the most are Rumer’s “Into Colour” and “This Girl’s In Love” I’m going to wear them out!

I love her voice and the arrangements are stunning. Beautiful albums from a very talented performer (Rumer – come back to the UK soon!!!)

Rick Astley’s “50” gets an awful lot of play in Dean Towers too. We all love Rick!

· Most memorable meal?

HD: I had an amazing salad Nicoise in Stockholm, Sweden. I had fabulous ravioli at Jamie’s Italian in Newcastle after a particularly enjoyable Northern Pride. Finally, a spectacular Indian feast at Kelly Wilde’s house.

· What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

HD: I love “Home Alone”, “Miracle 34th Street” “Its a Wonderful Life” and of course “The Polar Express” best seen in 3D at the IMAX. Our family Christmas movie this year will be the new “Paddington”. Co-pilot and Miss Dean Junior already have their tickets for Star Wars booked.

· Dogs or cats?

HD: I have to say DOGS or Buddy The Superdog would not be very happy.

· Are you a Tiger Mummy or a Yummy Mummy?

HD: I am 90% Tiger Mummy + 10% Yummy Mummy

· Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve?

HD: I love them both for different reasons. Christmas Eve is at home with family. Obviously having a child makes it super special. New Years Eve has always been about work, this year I’m keeping it local, and my daughter will be venturing out for her first proper NYE party, watching Mama bring in 2018 Hi NRG style.

· If you could live in any period of history when would it be and why?

HD: I would live in the Victorian era. A time of discovery, industry and massive change. It would have been really exciting to witness it first-hand.

· Tell me 10 things I’d see when I walk in your door?

HD: 1. Stairs and an under stairs cupboard door. 2. A massive Italian mirror over the stairs. 3. Family photos on a cabinet that is built in under my gorgeous mirror. 4. A watercolour of the Yorkshire Moors. 5. A big brass pendulum lamp hanging over the stairs (I’m secretly yearning for a camp chandelier) 6. The door to my kitchen. 7. A Tea Room sign over my kitchen door. 8 The door to my garden lounge, and hanging over the door, is no.9, a carved Rasta head bought in Jamaica. 10 is another small mirror next to my front door for that last minute check before I go out.

· Stock, Aitken or Waterman?

HD: That is a very a tough question. I didn’t have a favourite at the time,  and I haven’t seen Matt or Mike for  many years, but do see Pete occasionally, so I guess it has to be Waterman.

· Are you an early bird or a night owl?

HD: I don’t do late nights now. Having a child makes me an early bird, up at 6am for the nightmare that is the school run!!! Late shows are a bit of an ordeal these days, that’s why I love festivals.

· Favourite holiday destination?

HD: I have travelled all over the world, but I still love Devon and Cornwall best.

· Give me three words that your family would use to describe you.

HD: Apparently my daughter says its either “ Makes Nice Dinners” – “Throws Things Out” or “Best Mama Ever”

· What is the song you most like performing in your shows?

HD: Another tough one as it varies depending on the audience, but I do like singing “Who’s Leaving Who” and “Searchin’” but I do like a good rock song like “Addicted to Love”

· Who is your best friend (friends?)

HD: My Co-Pilot or course!

· Jason or Kylie?

HD:  It has to be Jason.

· Who is your hero/heroine?

HD: Annie Lennox, Carole King, Barbra Streisand…….it could be quite a long list.

· What is the most memorable book you have ever read?

HD: I read all the time so its pretty impossible to choose just one. The last autobiography that I read was Carole Kings which was brilliant, as was “Frida” about the artist Frida Kahlo, and finally a thriller called “Before I go to sleep” SJ Watson. I’m also a fan of  a writer called Dominic Adler, who is a friend of mine.

· Kiss? Marry? Push off a cliff?

HD: My daughter Stevie is guaranteed all of my kisses, always. I’m already hitched and not planning on being a bigamist. Donald Trump needs to go off that cliff ASAP!

· What was the best birthday you ever had?

HD: I had a ridiculous birthday at Disneyland Paris with my daughter and co-pilot. It was pretty chilly as my birthday is in October, but we had such a great time. Happy memories, and a wonderful birthday! I’m a little worried about what they have planned for my birthday this year….they are being very secretive, which is always scary.

· What kind of car did you wish you had when you were a kid? What about now?

HD: I have always loved cars, so as a child I would have wanted have wanted a big flash classic American car. Now, it would have to be……..big flash classic American car!!

Or a classic Mercedes sports car.

· If you weren’t the Queen of HiNRG, what would you be?

HD: I was BORN to be The Queen of HiNRG! There is nothing else I could possibly be, except Mama to my darling daughter.

· What’s your favourite rock song?

HD: The one that comes instantly to mind is “All Right Now” by Free, but I do love “Living on a Prayer “

· What is the most memorable show you have performed?

HD: “The Saint” and “Studio 54” in New York in the 80’s along with the club were they filmed Saturday Night Fever, it had the famous illuminated dance floor. Christmas shows at Peter Stringfellows Hippodrome, and The Hit Factory Live at The O2 Arena, London.

· In a zombie apocalypse, what would be your weapon of choice?

HD: Flame Thrower!

· What is your favourite TV show/series?

HD: I like Holby City, Casualty, Happy Valley, Doctor Foster, Cold Feet – I love a good British drama or thriller. I dip in and out of the soaps, my way to relax after a busy day being a mum.

· What is the best gift you have ever been given?

HD: A Tiffany watch given to me by my co-pilot on New Year’s Eve 1999/2000 to mark the new millennium. My favourite watch. Quite romantic too.

· What’s a movie you can practically quote from start to finish?

HD: I am very good at “Abigale’s Party” and “Lady Sings The Blues” thanks to my dear friend Ruby James.

· You look great! What’s your fitness routine?

HD: I eat well. I drink minimally. I get plenty of sleep. I walk my dog. I’m always busy in the garden and in my home, I’m very active. No need for a gym.

I’ve got good genes.

And finally, Hazell’s car is petrol not diesel.

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