Prides, Puggles & The Royal Festival Hall!

“I think the dog might be Narcoleptic” is not what you expect to be greeted with on a Saturday morning, but they were the first words uttered to me after co-pilot, Miss Dean Junior and Buddy the super dog spent a couple of nights sleeping in a tent in the garden.

It seems Buddy wandered in, lay on his back and spent the entire night in that position, being dragged around by co-pilot as more room was required. He didn’t wake once, but lay snoring in doggy bliss. Clearly a life under canvas (or to be precise, camouflage nylon!) suits this dog just fine!

Poor Buddy is however banned form the annual “Gang Camp” (not to be confused with “Camp Gang”) where a whole bunch of our friends and there kids go feral for a couple of days and enjoy the great outdoors in tents, festooned with bunting, and in some cases (co-pilot & Miss Dean Junior) there are fairy lights too. The sensible ones amongst us stay home and watch Wimbledon from the comfort of our own homes and without having to share a communal toilet/shower!!!

Off they went on the first weekend in July, to spend a couple of nights under the stars – a motley crew by anyones standards!
A wonderful time was had by all ( BBQ’s, Curries, A day at the beach, fish & chips, water fights) and then heavens opened on Sunday morning, forcing them to abandon camp earlier than expected.
After a rushed session of dismantling soggy tents and hauling their kit across the field to waiting cars, the damp campers departed the field in West Sussex (stopping briefly at Pease Pottage service station for a sneaky Burger King!) before arriving home, wet, grubby and exhausted. Miss Dean Junior spent the rest of the day asleep on the sofa, waking briefly for a bath and food.

I on the other hand, had been performing at G Casino, Thanet, that weekend. This was supposed to be the penultimate show on the Odyssey Tour, but alas, the final show (G Casino New Brighton) was cancelled, so I had to say a fond farewell to Stephen and the Odyssey girls in Thanet.
I had a group of family come to see me, which was nice. The G Casino audience are always up for a good time.

Miss Dean Junior is now 100% recovered from her recent surgery, although has a rather impressive scar across her tummy. This she is going to invent a story to make it sound more interesting (Shark bite, wrestling with lions?…something along those lines I suspect).

She was very excited to learn the names of some baby animals recently. Did you know that a baby echidna is called a puggle and a baby hedgehog, a hoglet? No me neither!
But it has prompted this question – Is a baby bee called a buzzing, and does its poo smell of honey? Answers on a postcard please!

Pakefield Pontins was fun. I met up with a very old friend from my days in bands as a teenager. We chatted for hours. Always good to see old friends.

Those of you who follow me on FB will know I had the most terrible nights sleep after this show, thanks to a man named John who snored all night like a pneumatic drill. So loud it sounded like the bass rumbling in a very loud nightclub.

His poor wife bellowing at him every 20 minutes “John! Shut up! Stop Snoring!” I was tempted to hammer on the wall and add a few very un ladylike expletives myself!

I stay in a lot of hotels, and have heard a LOT through the walls (some more entertaining than others) but quite frankly, John your snoring is diabolical. I think you need surgery!

Oh, and thank you Trevor for the lovely shortbread. I do like a nice biscuit with my afternoon tea.

At last……SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER! Had a trip down the Thames with friends. This is an annual event when school breaks up. Great fun. The following day we all headed into London to an exhibition “The Power of Poison” then had a curry in Brick Lane.

The Peel Pink Picnic In The Park was a very rainy affair. So sad when the weather spoils these events as it takes such a lot of planning and effort from volunteers. I was made very welcome, and despite the rain and the chill in the air, had a lot of fun. Always nice to meet up with Rozalla and DJ Marky Mark.


Miss Dean Junior was brought on stage by DJ Marky Mark and his co-host at this family friendly event for “We are Family”, as always, my girl did a fantastic job!
So, take a good look at this photo – it may be the last you ever see of my wonderful daughter on stage with me.

Later that evening a similar photo was posted on a Hazell Dean Fan page (with happy positive comments) sadly someone took exception to this and posted
“Why involve her child……?”

I replied, via my management, that it was a family friendly event (The Peel Pink Picnic even had a kids marquee!!) and that my little girl is growing up to respect the LGBT community, and as long as she wants to join me to sing “We are Family” at events that are appropriate she would be welcome. I also politely asked, “please don’t insult me or my family.”

What followed in approx 4 short posts was vicious, libellous, offensive. malicious, hateful and quite unnecessary. It seems this person thought he/she has the right to comment on my life, but I have no right to defend myself.

The person responsible was immediately banned from the fan page by the page founder, and has been banned from my official FB page by my management.

Let me take this opportunity to elaborate on the situation:
Just before she joined me on stage, Marky Mark commented that I have been a Pride stalwart for many many years. I am proud to say, this is true.
I performed at my first Gay Pride in London’s Jubilee Gardens around 1984, and since then have performed at Prides here in the UK, and all over the world.
I have seen so much change over the years. During the 80’s the focus was on AIDS awareness. I saw beautiful strong men (and women) ravaged by this disease, being ostracised because of ignorance.
I lost friends. The Gay Rights Activists fought on.

During the 90’s & 00’s thing slowly started to change, but The Gay Rights Activists fought on.

Here we are in 2015 and same sex couples are free to marry here in the UK. being HIV positive is no longer a death sentence – but sadly still we have homophobia.

I take (or to be precise have taken) my daughter on stage at family friendly Pride events, because after all these years I CAN!!!

It is therefore a massive insult to all those people who have campaigned over the years for the rights of gay people, to attack me, my sexuality, my career, my loyal gay fan base, gay parents (their friends and their families) and most importantly MY right to involve MY child in a celebration of the LGBT community by singing “We Are Family” on stage at a family friendly event.  I am very proud of my child and my family.
To the person who attacked me – Thank you for tainting what was a joyful, innocent gesture instigated by the shows hosts…..this is why THE GAY RIGHTS ACTIVISTS HAVE TO FIGHT ON!

Sadly this is not an isolated incident. I regularly have individuals who think they have the right to “comment” on me, my career and my life, using social media as a soapbox and a shield.
It is the few who spoil it for the majority.
I am enormously grateful for the support I have had throughout my career, from my fans straight & gay. I enjoy what I do.
I don’t crave publicity.  I am not a controversial artist.  Why then do some individuals believe that buying my music gives them the right to launch an attack on my life, spewing lies, negativity and insults?
This is why I guard my privacy fiercely. After all of these years I am tired of the attacks.


Wednesday 29th July: Pete Waterman “A Life In Song” – Im not going to say much about this. The evening was SO special, and so magical, its one I want to keep just for myself.

On Stage RFH
The whole day was lovely, surrounded by my peers, my friends and my family. Claire’s kids and Miss Dean Junior joined forces and spent the afternoon applying glitter tattoo’s to everyone in The Green Room, and I do mean EVERYONE (only Sir Michael Grade escaped their glittery clutches) Mr Waterman initially declined, but my girl wasn’t taking no for an answer, and marched up to him slapping a gluey dragon stencil on his arm, liberally applying gold glitter saying “Oh well, never mind, Its done now!” Thats my girl.

It was a real family affair, as I said, Miss Dean Junior, Claire’s children, Jaki’s daughter Natalie who manages her, and of course Miss Toni Danger Tuesday, Pete’s daughter.

Stevie & Toni had a ‘Frozen” moment, singing “Let it go” while Toni played on the Baby Grand (you know you are in a serious music venue when there is a grand in the Green Room, and pianos in the dressing rooms!)


All part of the magic of a very special day in a very special venue.
All of the artists gave it everything on the night, but I have to say, the surprise and the star of the show for me was Toni.

So to those who bitched and moaned and complained about the line up of the show, every artist on that stage deserved to be there for their talent and their proffessionalism, and to anyone who dare ask “Why involve his child………?!”

PS. We ARE Family!!!!!!

Copywrite © 2018 Hazell Dean