Why Pride?
News Date
28th June 2019

Since 2014 (here in the UK) crimes against gay and lesbian people have DOUBLED, and against trans people TREBLED.
Physical violence and verbal abuse.

Do not forget the 70+ countries around the world where it criminalised and is extremely dangerous for LGBT people because of discriminatory legislation, abuse, violence and execution.

On the 28th July we commemorate 50 years since the Stonewall riots, the catalyst for the celebratory Pride events we now know.

Prides should not be about the biggest headliners – It’s about fun & visibility in the community.

It’s about education, integration, inclusion and equality.
Pride is about you.

Please support your local Pride, and remember why the fight continues.

To the organisers of all the Prides here in the UK and around the world that I have performed at over the past 35 years – THANK YOU!
Always Hazell xxx

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