What's in the box.......
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1st February 2022

What’s in the box………………….?”

Today is the start of LGBTQ+ History Month and I am delighted to say that I am supporting Bishopsgate Institute and Queer Britain, contributing important items from my personal collection to be included in their archive for display, research and for posterity.

Queen Britain will be the UK’s first permanent Museum dedicated to LGBTQ+ History:

“Queer people have impacted every part of culture, yet all too often their lives have been written in the margins of history books. Valuable stories and artefacts are being lost. Once gone, they may never be recovered. These deserve a dedicated space to be preserved, explored and celebrated. Queer Britain will put this centre stage.”

Bishopsgate Institute’s Special Collections and Archives holds one of the most extensive collections on LGBTQ+ history, politics and culture in the UK.

History and representation matters, and it is an honour for me to be recognised and for items from my career to be included in their collections in their care and conservatorship for generations to come.


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