Virtual Pride
News Date
13th May 2020

To reassure everyone – my support of Pride & the LGBT+ community remains 100% and I will be celebrating Pride month in June as always. Love Hazell xxx

#TurnItIntoLove #MorePride #LoveIsLove #TransIsBeautiful


Virtual Pride

Hazell will no longer be taking part in the Virtual Pride event on 23rd May 2020.

It has been brought to our attention that Stonewall and DIVA magazine, amongst others, have withdrawn their contributions to Virtual Pride scheduled for 23rd May.

Taking onboard the concerns raised to us by trusted Pride chairpersons across the UK, the permission to broadcast the video content submitted on behalf of Hazell Dean has been withdrawn.

Hazell is a much respected LGBT supporter, with 36 years of Prides around the world under her belt – we have been advised that her association with this event is no longer appropriate.

This decision is not open for debate or speculation.