Transgender Day of Remembrance
News Date
20th November 2020
Today I invite you to observe Transgender Day of Remembrance with me.
Transgender Day of Remembrance is an annual observance on 20th November that honours the memory of trans people around the world whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transviolence.
This year to date, 350 trans people have lost their lives because of violence, bigotry and hate. The youngest was only 15 years old – the same age as my daughter.
This should not be happening and you can do something to help.
  • You can educate yourself and others
  • You can be a friend
  • You can be an ally
  • You can Turn it Into Love.
Today you can bow your head for a few moments and remember those who have lost their lives simply because they had to be their true authentic selves.
Being yourself should NEVER have to be a battle.
My family and I will light a candle tonight with sadness, with respect, but most of all with love –
Rest In Power.
Always, Hazell xxx