Trans Ally
News Date
6th March 2020

Over the past few weeks I have become aware of a dramatic increase in negative reporting in the press, on social media, and sadly from some high profile individuals, aimed at the transgender community.

As a trans lady messaged me “We are getting it from all angles” This makes me sad, and very angry.

I keep saying – Being yourself should never be a battle, but let me take this opportunity to say, loud and clear Trans men are men. Trans women are women. Non Binary exists.

OK, you may not understand what it means to be trans or non binary, and I  myself am on a steep learning curve,  I don’t always get pronouns right, but I am trying.

A lack of knowledge does not excuse hostility. It is never right to discriminate.

Educate yourself. Be inclusive. Let people live their authentic lives  – it isn’t difficult.

I AM A TRANS ALLY – Always, Hazell xxx


Proud to be an ally & friend of Trans Radio UK