This time last year
News Date
25th April 2023

25th April 2022


This time last year when I was misgendered six times in one letter (to Liz Truss) from the office of my MP, and former deputy prime minister………..

Mr Hazell Dean – He/Him?????

So, unless I’m missing something, last time I looked in a mirror this Queen of HiNRG was definitely a Miss and she/her.

In emails  Mr Raab addressed me as  “Dear Deano” then it progressed to Mr Dean. He/Him.

Then he turned up on my door step, and then he refused to meet the Pride in Surrey team.

Misgendering me is annoying. A minor irritation.
Misgendering a Trans person can severely impact their mental health. It is deliberate abuse.

Trans Rights are constantly under attack from this government.