Thank you Ma'am
News Date
9th September 2022



We thought she would live forever.

It is so hard to comprehend that the woman who has been the one constant throughout our lives has really gone.

I have never known another monarch in my lifetime, and like the rest of the nation, feel that she was part of my family.

The sadness is quite extraordinary and overwhelming.

There are babies born only days ago who have already lived through two Prime Ministers and now two monarchs – that is incomprehensible.

I don’t know about you, but I find her passing very disorientating.

I cant imagine her not being around.
Everything feels unstable.

Her face has been in our pockets, in our wallets, in our hands, on our letters, and in our homes not just on Christmas day, but every single day and every year of our lives.

We have waited for her response in times of crisis because she has always been there. Steadfast and constant.

Lets be kind to each other, and to the Royal family, and especially to William and Harry on whom the media will focus to try to magnify their rift.
They are like all of our families – imperfect.
They have rows, they disagree, they fight, they love/hate each other.

We all want to see “The Boys” stood together again.
Let’s hope grief can unite them, but if it doesn’t, we must leave them to follow their own paths.

Our Queen is dead, and we have a King.

The 2nd Elizabethan era is over, and we do send her victorious, happy and glorious, as we face a new era without her.

Now is a time to mourn as a nation, as families and as individuals, and a time to reflect on a life of devoted duty and service, and give our thanks for the past 70 years.

Thank you Ma’am. May she rest in peace with her Prince.

God Save The King