Retired & Fabulous!
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18th September 2021

Saturday 18th September 2021

So that’s it, my last live shows done and dusted.

I was expecting to fit one more in, but Covid struck again taking us by surprise, and the festival planned for 25th September has been postponed and rescheduled to 2022, which means…….without me!

Its crazy, of the many festivals I was booked for in 2020, some have managed to go ahead in 2021, but so many have rolled over  again into 2022.

Its been a near impossible task for the promoters, and my heart goes out to them. The logistics of putting on a festival are immense.

I’ve been singing professionally since I was a young teenager, to be honest, I’ve been singing since I was at school so I deserve a break.

I’ve sung for you thousands of times all over the world – clubs, pubs, bars, arena’s, halls, theatres, dance halls, stadiums, car parks, in cages (on more than one occasion), in caves,  ships, TV, radio, Hen parties, weddings, funerals, birthdays, Prides and more recently on a megaphone in a shopping centre (the things I do for Pride in Surrey!) I’ve done it all, and its been FANTASTIC!

Originally I had planned to retire on New Years Eve 2020, which means I’ve already gone 9 months over my scheduled date thanks to Covid.

Sadly I cancelled all indoor shows this year as I’m not comfortable singing in an enclosed environment.

I am simply not prepared to take that risk.

Which is why it’s been great do my last shows on big outdoor festival stages to big audiences –

Going out with a BANG on a BIG stage with a BIG audience!

Does it get more perfect  –  leaving the stage with the audience chanting your name?

I won’t miss the stress and I won’t miss the hours spent driving.
I certainly wont miss the traffic jams, the dodgy dressing rooms, smoke machines and the shocking sound systems I have encountered over the years.
……….. but I will miss YOU!

Family & friends are my number one priority, plus there will still be a bit of leisurely recording along the way, in fact I’m in the studio from tomorrow for the next few days (watch this space!)

I’m very much looking forward to starting this new chapter in the life of The Queen of HiNRG:

Retired & Fabulous!

Hazell xxx

“We work all our lives so we can retire – so we can do what we want with our time – and the way we define or spend our time defines who we are and what we value.” – Bruce Linton