Proud to be a Trans Ally
News Date
8th February 2024

It been another tough couple of weeks for our Trans family.

Last week the sentencing of Brianna Gheys twisted transphobic murderers.

Yesterday brought yet more derogatory transphobic comments from the mouth of Rishi Sunsk in the House of Commons, but this time on the day Esther Ghey was sitting in the chamber.

Leading LGBTQ+ organisations are demanding an apology that will never be made.

This government continues to make life as difficult as they can for Transgender people and especially young Trans people.

Rishi Sunak gloated and laughed yesterday and then praised Esther Ghey for her dignified response to the TRANSPHOBIC MURDER of her daughter.

Think about that, and think about the consequences.

“Dehumanizing language is always the beginning of violence.”
– Brené Brown