Pride is Protest
News Date
28th June 2023

On 28th June 1969 a group of New Yorkers had simply had enough.

A brick was thrown.

A riot started. 

The events of that night at the Stonewall Inn caused ripples that are still felt today.

The first Prides too place a year after the Stonewall riot. New York, Chicago and San Francisco led the way. The world followed, slowly at first but accelerating over recent years.

Some of these events have evolved into festivals, arguably losing sight of  the roots in protest, but that’s a debate to be had another day.

Today is about reminding ourselves of two incredible women. Two incredible Trans women.

In theses dark and desperate days when our Trans family are under attack, they are in clear and present danger, let us remember this…..

Trans  people have alway been here. They stood shoulder to shoulder against hate, bigotry.

Somebody threw the first brick in that Stonewall riot.

Was it Marsha P Johnson? Was it Sylvia Rivera?  It doesn’t really matter – What matters is that they were there. They stood united.

Take a moment to remember all of those angry people at the Stonewall Inn, those people who had simply had enough of the hate & discrimination, and in that moment think of Marsh and Sylvia  with gratitude in your heart.

They stood up for your rights, it’s time to make yourself visible right now as a vocal and visible Trans Ally. No excuses.

The time is now. Our Stonewall moment is now. Don’t waste it. 

As Marsha infamously said: “No pride for some of us without liberation for all of us”