Pride Hub Woking is OPEN
News Date
6th December 2021

It was my absolute pleasure to open the new PRIDE HUB LGBTQI+ safe space & shop.

Representation in the community is so important.


“I have performed at Prides all over the world since 1984, so to be patron of Pride in the county I call home is very special for me, and for my family.

LGBTQI+ people and especially the Transgender community are suffering prejudice, hatred, abuse and violence right now, and that is absolutely not acceptable.

I do what I can to be a very visible ally – being yourself should never have to be a battle.

As a Surrey resident it is very important to be part of a team that stands firm with this message:

There is no home for hate here!

Along with everyone in the Pride in Surrey Team I’m encouraging everyone in Surrey to say no to hate and to stand together for an inclusive community and to Turn It Into Love”

– Hazell Dean