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8th August 2022

On Monday 8th August, 8pm I’m sharing an exclusive first play of 8 on Trans Radio UK 



I am very grateful to my friends Avril & Lucy Clark at Trans Radio UK for airing an exclusive first play of the album, which included an interview with the ladies and I discussing each track individually.

I know I will be asked “Why Trans Radio?” and my answer is simply this:

The Trans community are currently under constant attack, and it is our duty as allies to be very visible and to stand firm with our Trans family.

I am grateful for the many Trans fans that I have, and who know my social media is a safe welcoming space, so to be able to share this album exclusively with Trans Radio UK (and their listeners around the world) is both a pleasure and a privilege.

As Madonna quite rightly  sang “Music makes the people come together” and I am proud to be a Trans Ally.

“WHY 8?”

This album is a collection of eight previously released and new Dean & Ware mixes of fantastic ABBA songs.

The original release of these tracks reached a VERY limited audience, with many of my fan base telling me that they had never been aware of, or ever heard them.

So that had to change………..

Being #RetiredAndFabulous gives me the time to concentrate on what is important to me, and I love the whole process of production and remixing.

  • I love the planning – finding inspiration in the most unexpected places.
  • I love the creative flow, even when you have to stop, scrap what you have done and start again.
  • I love the discussions we have. I love the fun and the laughter.
  • I love ABBA!

My long time production partner Pete Ware and I embarked on a very personal voyage whilst remixing five* of these much loved classics, which along with three of the original Dean & Ware mixes, which gives you “8

  1. Knowing Me Knowing You*
  2. Summer Night City
  3. One Of Us*
  4. Does Your Mother Know
  5. The Winner Takes It All*
  6. When All Is Said And Done*
  7. If It Wasn’t For The Nights*
  8. The Way Old Friends Do (Jaynebows mix)

8 is available to Pre-order NOW:

CDs will be shipped on 1st September 2022
Digital release: 3rd October 2022
Limited signed cover cards available while stocks last.