No Home For Hate Window Stickers
News Date
17th March 2021

We are living in strange times……….

– A time when a global pandemic changed our lives completely and to date has taken 2.6+ million of our loved ones.

– A time when murders are the flashpoints for protests against racism and violence against women.

– A time when our mental health is at its most fragile but an individual can be vilified for saying they felt suicidal.

 – A time when we need love and understanding but all too often we are confronted with hate and bigotry.

We are living in strange, crazy and dangerous times – but I believe the majority of us can do better.

We can be better.

So I’m asking you to show that you won’t tolerate hate because of skin colour, nationality, gender, sexuality, religion, disability or any other form of discrimination.

Please show that you stand against hate with a “No Home For Hate Here – #TurnItIntoLove” window sticker.

I’m asking you to  Turn It Into Love with me.

Always, Hazell xxx

 “No Home For Hate Here – #TurnItIntoLove” Stickers are available for a £3 donation to Pride in Surrey from their Online Shop:

Hazell has signed the peel off backing on 150 stickers, and personally funded the printing of these items making zero profit and is not recouping any of the costs.
This is her commitment to sharing the #TurnItIntoLove message.

Your £3  donation goes direct to our friends at Pride In Surrey helping them in their work and supporting inclusion, diversity and equality.

NB. These Stickers are made especially for outdoor use on glass, so you can use them on your window, door, car window, a mirror, your fridge or anywhere else you would like to put them, but please be careful on painted or polished surfaces, fabric and wallpaper as the adhesive could cause damage or leave marks.