Mirror Boy
News Date
22nd June 2023

It is a privilege to be entrusted to share a truth, and today is one of those days.

I am truly privilege to have been entrusted to share this video.

I am calling out to all of my friends here to share it too.

We are bombarded with so many lies, so much misinformation, so much bigotry, and I am sharing the truth of 16 year old Cam.

Team Dean have been exchanging messages with Cams mum, so I will leave you let you read these words, and watch this film.

This is Cams story. This is his truth:

“I am a 16 year old filmmaker.

I am transgender, and the journey that I have had with that part of my identity was the main inspiration for this film.

When I originally came up with the idea in October of last year, I knew I had to use my identical triplet sister, Emma, as the main role, and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to make this film with her.

From when I started writing the first draft of the script in October, to the filming process from January through March, to the final screening in May, this story developed so much.

At the start of the process, I had been out for less than six months, so coming out was still very fresh in my mind and inspired this film a lot.

Another six months of experience living as a trans person helped me add so much detail and moments of emotion, which I am so grateful for.

I am very lucky to have been supported by so many people, and I hope this film can help anyone (in any way possible) who is struggling with their identity in the way that it has helped me.”