Magical Moonwalk
News Date
13th May 2019


It was an absolute privilege to entertain everyone at Moonwalk City on Clapham Common – Saturday 11th May 2019 – What a fantastic night.

Moonwalk is so much more than just a walk.
It’s good for the soul and for that brief, brilliant shiny night reminds you that there are more good people than bad.

It’s everyone who sponsors you.

Every driver that hoots their horn.
Every bus passenger who waves.
The drunk clubbers who slur encouragement at you
The local residents who cheer as you leave the park and who come out to say good morning.
It was the man at the coffee van who tried to put £40 on his card to buy drinks, and the man in the coffee van who said “that’s OK mate, we’ve got this covered”
It’s the 15,000 other walkers – you are in it together.
It’s the volunteers in Moonwalk city and on the route.
It’s the person you walk with who keeps you going.
It’s the Walk The Walk Team.
It’s Nina Barough OBE.
It’s you.

It’s the friends and family we have lost.
It’s for the friends and family we don’t want to lose.

It reminds you that we can all be and do better.