Judgement Day - Black Lives Matter
News Date
7th June 2020

Please listen. Please share.

I wrote Judgement Day in the 1990’s.
It reflects my wish that we could all live in harmony.
Colour should not be an issue.

Today, right now, that message is stronger than ever.
Sadly we are not yet at a place where we can celebrate our sameness.
Hate is still dividing us.

We are in a time where demonstrations can seem reckless in the face of a virus that has the potential to kill.

We are in a time where demonstration is the only tool we have to make our voices heard protesting about inequality

This is a flashpoint – A catalyst to do the right thing.

What we do now will define us in the eyes of our children.
This is how future generations will judge us.

Staying silent is not an option.
This is the time for the world to act and stand against racism

These are our Judgement Days – What will you do?

Always – Hazell Dean xxx


Judgement Day – Hazell Dean/Pete Ware
A Dean & Ware Production.