Into 2022 with SP Music
News Date
14th January 2022
Its Friday morning and Team Dean are complaining as faced with another full inbox –
“We thought things would get quieter when you retired!?”
But no……things are not getting quieter! 😂
It’s amazing, show enquiries continue to come in thick and fast, as do the daily requests for radio interviews.
It’s wonderful to be wanted, but we keep having to politely decline and say:
The Queen of HiNRG has retired.
I have retired from all live shows:
I wont be singing at any more Prides (sorry Brighton!) touring in Mexico (Lo siento!)
There will be no appearances from me at HiNRG Conventions in Los Angeles, Holland or Germany.
I wont be doing any “One Night Only” shows anywhere in the UK or around the world – My show mic has been hung up for good.
BUT – There is a whole 12 months of music ahead, and I am really excited about it.
I’m having a lot of fun in the studio, being #RetiredAndFabulous has allowed be to relax and be a lot more creative.
The collaboration with myself and SP Music means there will be more digital releases (not everyones favourite format) but it has enabled my music to reach new regions: Latvia, Serbia, Hungary, Estonia, Ukraine, Italy.
Digital releases have re-engaged with fans in Spain, Mexico, France, Finland, Japan and of coures the UK, Australia South Africa, The Netherlands and America ❤️
I am really looking forward to sharing remixes, re-releases and of course new material – digitally and physically (did someone say vinyl???) in 2022 and beyond.
You wont be seeing me on a stage near you any time soon, but I can promise you that being retired is really going to be FABULOUS…………