Hazell Joins "The Big Sleep In"
News Date
4th October 2020

The ‘Big Sleep In’ is coming, and Hazell & family are taking part.

Will you join, and support The York Project, raising money and awareness  of homelessness.

Starting at 7pm on 23rd October
£5 per adult, kids take part free!

(This is a fundraising event so please do what you can to help us, help them as an amazing York Road Project fundraising hero!)

The event will start with some opening talks and information about Homelessness both locally and around the UK & Ireland.

To make it fun and keep you engaged we’ll be having a Prize Quiz, Live music, Bed time story and even a fitness work out the following morning.

BIG NEWS: Through the night we’ll also be taking over the airwaves of Radio Woking

To register and join: