Channel 5 Documentary 2023
News Date
15th December 2022

A new three part documentary focusing on Stock Aitken & Waterman to air on Channel 5 in 2023.

Here’s the scoop……. I originally declined the request to be interviewed, not because I don’t love the boys and our history, I am very proud of being their first top 5 hit!


I politely declined because I have answered the same questions over and over and over again and had nothing new to bring to the party.


So months passed and I was contacted again, and still I politely declined. Eventually after a request from Mr Waterman I eventually agreed, and the very lovely production company came to me to do the interview, and we had a long chat.

So to answer your question, unless I have been edited out, I should feature in the early years section as quite frankly I am the only artist left from those days – as we no longer have Divine and Pete Burns 💔


And finally……it was agreed that this would be the LAST time I would be interviewed about the phenomenon that is, was and will always be The Hit Factory 🇬🇧 ENJOY