Celebrating 50 Years of Pride
News Date
30th May 2022

A rather unpleasant individual claiming to be a Christian targeted my Facebook page over the weekend.

Their warped version of Christianity attacked drag queens, love, the LGBTQ+ community, family, and me as a parent. We all need to repent before eternal damnation.

The best bit being their rather bizarre observation that I am leading sinners directly to hell.

Eventually they were reported and banned, even though Facebook do not consider the content of the messages posted to breach any regulations regarding hate speech……..?

So, what can I say, except…… it has been my absolute pleasure to lead sinners directly into Hell (via HEAVEN) since 1983, and I am very proud of it.

June is Pride month and this year we are celebrating 50 years of Pride!
Get yourself Pride ready!
Be an ally – Be an advocate – Be visible – Be yourself – BE PROUD!
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With Love, Always…. Hazell xxx