Can you help?
News Date
23rd February 2024

We were contacted today by a former solder trying to get hold of a flyer from Edinburgh’s FIRE ISLAND.

He is trying to get it for inclusion in a documentary.

To provide some context, in 1988, he was discharged from the army due to his sexual orientation.

During the investigation process by the Special Investigation Branch, they attempted to use a poster/flyer signed by Hazell as evidence against him and proof of his frequenting gay nightclubs, particularly Fire Island in Edinburgh.

There is now chance that a documentary about his army experiences might be produced.

In preparation, he is gathering items to enrich the storytelling, and is trying to get a unique addition: recreating his experiences at Fire Island, including having a signed flyer again.

Unfortunately, he never received the original flyer back from the Special Investigation Branch, which is where we are hoping someone may be able to help by donating a Fire Island flyer circa 1988.

Hazell would love to sign it for him, but we need your help.

Please post below if you have, or know where to find a Fire Island (or any other gay club flyer) from 1988.

Please contact us via the contacts link on this website.