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26th April 2020

So here we are, another Friday in lockdown, and its interesting to see how people are responding.

Overwhelmingly, people are showing community spirit, and compassion to others, but then there are the few who are behaving appallingly.

Earlier this week I saw a couple of Tweets from a “celebrity” that to be honest shocked me and my family to the core

The first was mocking and demeaning the amazing fund raising efforts of an individual.

It was crass and it was vulgar.

The second was selfish, self absorbed, and showing such a total lack of empathy for the situation so many people are finding themselves in.

This was a real “Im alright Jack” – “Let them eat cake” moment, it left me disgusted, and led to conversations about why some people think their
“celebrity” status makes them better than anyone else. It really doesn’t.

Co-pilot found this on Twitter, which illustrates that although we are “all in this together” we are all experiencing this situation very differently.

The way my family and I see it, we are all responsible for doing three simple things:

  • Be Kind to each other. Show some empathy in these difficult times.
  • Help when you can. If you can’t help someone, don’t hurt them!
  • Stay Home. Stay Safe – Protect yourself, your loved ones and other people.


That’s not difficult is it?

Why be nasty when kindness should be the default?

Please, lets take this opportunity to be better people, to help others when we can, because you never know when you may need that help yourself.
Sending love.

Always Hazell xxx

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