Be a Trans Ally
News Date
8th July 2020

There has been so much negativity aimed at trans people over the last few months. Shockingly from some very high profile individuals who could use their platforms to support and nurture.

Sadly, they choose to do the opposite, with no regard to the consequences, for individuals, for parents and for children.

I am proud to be a Trans Ally.

Being your unique self should NEVER be a battle. 

Like each of us a barcode is totally unique and yes, this  barcode scans to read “HazellDean2020” 

To celebrate our uniqueness as individuals I am supporting

We are donating £5.00 from each sale of the HD 2020 T-shirt to Mermaids. 

This charity is  passionate about supporting children, young people, and their families to achieve a happier life in the face of great adversity.

Mermaids work tirelessly to raise awareness about gender nonconformity in children and young people amongst professionals and the general public, and campaign for the recognition of gender dysphoria in young people and call for improvements in professional services.

Embrace – Empower – Educate

NB. Hazell Dean makes NO PROFIT from sales of this product.