News Date
13th July 2021

Have you ever had a day that renews your faith in humanity?

A day when you are reminded that there are still good, decent people out there?

That happened to me on Saturday in Brighton.

I am collaborating with The LGBTQ+ shop on a range of “Always” T-shirts, with profits going to Trans Radio UK, to support them and the fantastic outreach work they do with the Trans Community here in the UK and across 100 other countries.

The collaboration came about by chance, when my co-pilot placed an order for some flags for our daughters last day at school and got chatting to The LGBTQ+ shop founder, Kevin – I’d call it fate!

A photo shoot had been planned for the end of June, which had to be postponed due to Covid self-isolation, so we rescheduled to Saturday 10th July…….and we prayed for sun.

Saturday arrived, along with the rain, but that didn’t stop us – We brought our own sunshine to the occasion.

We flew our flags and wore our “Always” T-shirts proudly.

It was for me, unexpectedly emotional, and it was a privilege to be in the company of such lovely people, all pulling together in solidarity.

No division. 100% inclusivity and being visible allies for our Trans family.

I cant wait to share the photos with you.

So I’d like to thank:

Kevin Coyle
Simon Morter
Susan Coleman
Piper Murray
Sam Pryce
Jack Goddard
Maja Anderson
Jenny Hipkiss
Marc Edwards (Ruffles)
Stevie Dean & My Co-pilot
Adam Brooks at The Bedford Tavern

After 16 months of being apart from my friends, my family and my audience you reminded me what it feels like to be part of The LGBTQ+ community.

We are a Rainbow Family – We bring our own sunshine!

Get yourself an “Always” T-shirt. Join the family. Show your support. Be a visible Ally.
Worldwide shipping available: