Hate Crime Statement
News Date
16th September 2020

Online Hate Crime Statement

In August 2020 I became a victim of an online hate crime.
Experiencing this myself was upsetting, and hurtful.

The importance of reporting all hate crime cannot be stressed enough, as it does lead to action being taken against individuals who believe this type of behaviour is appropriate.
Additionally, professional help can and will be provided if required.

Following a police investigation into defamatory images published on the Energise Records website from 16th to 19th August 2020, the police found the images to be malicious and that they constituted a hate crime.

This resulted in the issuing of a Community Resolution Order, not a conditional caution as previously stated in error,  to the perpetrator, now known to be one of the co-directors of Energise Records.


Without hesitation I made the decision to irrevocably terminate all association with Energise Records from 21st August 2020.

Hate crimes increase feelings of vulnerability, empathy anxiety, shame and even guilt in the victim themselves.

I myself felt shock, anger and disgust at being targeted in such a way.

Nobody should have to experience, or witness hate crime, as this can significantly impact mental health. It can lead to social anxiety, self-harm and in some instances, suicide.
I urge anyone who is a victim of, or who is a witness to hate crime, no matter how small, to report it via their local police service or STOP HATE UK.

I would like to thank Pete Ware,  my peers and Stephen Ireland at Pride in Surrey for their unwavering support throughout this very upsetting time.

Finally, I would like to thank the officers of Surrey and Essex Constabularies for their swift and sympathetic response.

Hazell Dean


Police – Tel: 111
You can also make a report to your local police service online.

In an emergency call – 999