Gender Recognition Act
News Date
15th June 2020

Support Trans & non binary rights this Pride month.
Please write to your local MP to lobby for them to hold the government to account – I di – Please see Dominic Raabs reply below.

15th June 2020

Dear Mr Raab

As one of your constituents, and patron of Pride In Surrey, I am writing to you to raise my concerns about the very disturbing news of this government is preparing to scrap a review of the Gender Recognition Act; a review which was commissioned in 2018 by Theresa May as a much needed change to the current system for trans people which is costly, lengthy, humiliating and unnecessary.

Newspaper reports suggest that the government is preparing to set out new ‘safeguards’ to protect female-only spaces including refuges and public lavatories.

I fully understand that hasn’t been confirmed by Downing Street yet, but sadly it does not come as a surprise.

Please can you confirm if a review of this act is to be scrapped, and if so, why the government are choosing to ignore the rights of transgender (and non binary) people, and why the government feel it is appropriate to marginalise people for being themselves.

We are already seeing LGBT+ people being victimised around the world, least of all in The United States, with the Trump administrations revoking of “Obama Care” which allows discrimination against the LGBT+ community.
Let us not follow America. The United Kingdom must be better than that – we need to stand by our Trans family, not victimise them.

Please don’t let this review be scrapped without a full and proper consolation with the members of the community is affects most, and those who fully support them.
Do not be swayed by the small number of anti -trans lobbyists who are spreading hate and fear.

It is the job of a government to protect its people. Transgender rights are human rights – You cannot ignore this – You must not discriminate.

I am holding you accountable as my MP, as Secretary of State and member of the government to do your duty and protect trans & non-binary people

Trans women ARE women. Trans men ARE men. Non-binary people are valid. Human Rights For All.

Yours sincerely.

Hazell Dean

Stop discrimination #TurnItIntoLove 🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜