Hate Crime Statement

Online Hate Crime Statement In August 2020 I became a victim of an online hate crime. Experiencing this myself was upsetting, and hurtful. The importance of reporting all hate crime cannot be stressed enough, as it does lead to action being taken against individuals who believe this type of behaviour is appropriate. Additionally, professional help […]

Report Hate Crime

Never tolerate cyber hate crime. Report it to the police. Today I have become a victim of a cyber hate crime. As patron of Pride in Surrey, I feel very strongly that it is my position to lead by example, therefore I have reported this to Surrey Police. If you find yourself a victim of […]

Virtual SunWalk 2020

Hazell braved the heat today taking part in Walk The Walks “ Virtual SunWalk” Raising over £300 in sponsorship to help this amazing grant giving charity support research, treatment and therapies to combat breast cancer. Together we CAN beat breast cancer. #VirtualSunWalk @WalktheWalk #WalkTheWalk #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness https://t.co/FPNfA5swbC https://t.co/PWaZSfb1kM

Pride On The Road

Pride On The Road Hazell joined the Pride in Surrey team at 8.30am at County Hall, Kingston Upon Thames, on Saturday 8th August   Waving them off on their weekend road trip across Surrey. Stopping at 11 districts over 2 days! Pride On The Road  – Bringing Pride to Surrey! https://prideinsurrey.org/ontheroad?fbclid=IwAR30NjFY7qTEIL-jqIx5sfpQMh8SPz1_PoxhPPvfCMlZ5x5vkecCU8ZSW9Q

HIV Scotland Campaign

Great to be involved in this campaign with HIV Scotland – Beat the stigma – Know the symptoms – END syphillis Don’t use ignorance as an excuse – Educate yourself! https://www.longtimenosyph.info/ https://www.hiv.scot/

Pride On The Road

As patron, Hazell will be joining the Pride in Surrey Team on the Pride On The Road trip around Surrey. Saturday 8th August. 8.30am in Kingston Upon Thames, at the start of their Pride On The Road adventure. Please her waving them off from Kingston, or visit them to say hello at one of the […]

Pirate Media Interview

Settle down, grab yourself a cuppa and scroll through this epic interview with Hazell with Pirate Media Going right back to her very early days in the music business. https://www.thepiratemedia.com/hazell-dean  

Supporting Mermaids UK

HD2020 T-Shirts available from The store here To celebrate our uniqueness as individuals we are supporting Mermaidsuk.org.uk We are donating £5.00 from each sale to Mermaids.  This charity is  passionate about supporting children, young people, and their families to achieve a happier life in the face of great adversity. Being your unique self should NEVER be […]

Whatever I Do……

#ThrowbackThursday Released this day in 1984 “Whatever I Do, (Wherever I Go)” which peaked at number 4 on the Official Charts, giving Stock Aitken & Waterman their FIRST EVER Top Five Chart Hit! #HazellDean #Throwback #HitFactory @PWLHitFactory @PeteWatermanOBE http://smarturl.it/HDWIDWIG

Catch up on YouTube

If you missed Hazell chatting with Hayley Palmer on The Memory Lane 80’s Show on SKY  you can catch up here on YouTube – ENJOY! https://youtu.be/USdsUwguR4sII

Support Trans Rights

I AM A TRANS ALLY I stand with our Trans family in protest that Trans Rights Are Human Rights @trussliz & @BorisJohnson #Trans people exist & they NEED to have the same rights as everyone else without risk of abuse and harassment! Under 18s should not be an exception to this! Your proposals WILL harm […]

Saturday 11th July

The Memory Lane 80’s Show Dont forget  to join Hazell chatting with Hayley Palmer on Saturday 11th July The Memory Lane 80’s Show at 9pm on SKY 376/Freesat 516.  

Lets Rock TV

If you missed Lets Rock LockdownFest 2, you can watch it all here on Lets Rock TV. If you just want to see The Queen of HiNRG, she can be found almost 2 hours into the event at around 1.53 into the show. Raising money for Child Bereavement UK   Lets Rock TV

Pride Power List 2020

Hazell is delighted to join the PRIDE POWER LIST 2020 The Pride Power List 2020 published in The Guardian  – 10th July 2020 “Beginning our countdown, we have a newcomer, the fabulous @HazellHD at number 100 on the #PridePowerList20 https://www.pridepowerlist.com/the-list-2020.html HAZELL DEAN joins the definitive guide to the 100 people in the LGBTQI community – […]

Lets Rock 2021

Hazell is delighted to be joining The Retrobates at Lets Rock 2021.   She will be appearing at the following festival locations: Let’s Rock Leeds on Saturday 26th June 2021 Let’s Rock Liverpool on Saturday 31st July 2021 Let’s Rock Belfast on Saturday 7th August 2021 The Retro Festival Dublin on Saturday 14th August 2021 […]

Be a Trans Ally

There has been so much negativity aimed at trans people over the last few months. Shockingly from some very high profile individuals who could use their platforms to support and nurture. Sadly, they choose to do the opposite, with no regard to the consequences, for individuals, for parents and for children. I am proud to […]

Hazell Nominated

We are delighted to that Hazell has been nominated for the Pride Power List 2020. The Pride Power List  will be published in The Guardian on Friday 10th July, detailing the 100 people who have been selected for 2020. The Pride Power List is the definitive guide to those in the LGBTQI community – and […]

Turn It Into Love Merch

Loving this  Hazell Dean – Turn It Into Love products from RETRO POP. 50% of the profits going to Pride in Surrey, of which Hazell is proud to be patron. Go on – Turn It Into Love!!! AVAILABLE NOW & WORLDWIDE SHIPPING UK Shipping is FREE! Store All of the designs used in RETRO POP […]

80’S Lockdown Fest 2

**OFFICIAL WAYS TO WATCH TONIGHT** #80sLockdownFest is FREE-TO-VIEW from 7pm onwards. You will be able to view the show as it streams LIVE on any of the official Let’s Rock Facebook pages or on the Let’s Rock website (details below). You can also watch on YouTube using this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPCvPk7VOxI Please remember to only watch […]

Pride In Surrey Merch

Check out this fantastic Pride In Surrey Merchandise, including  RETRO POP x HAZELL DEAN “Turn It Into Love” products. As patron of Pride in Surrey, Hazell is very proud to fly the rainbow flag and support Pride in the county where she lives. Available now…….. https://www.surreyshop.co.uk/

Lets Rock 80’s Lockdown Fest 2

Hazell is joining the Lets Rock gang for an evening of Lockdown entertainment on Friday 3rd July. This will be Hazells first (and only) show from home during lockdown, raising money for Child Bereavement UK. Join the party from the comfort of your living room.  

Global Pride 2020

As a Pride stalwart with 36 years of  performances under her belt, and as proud patron of Pride in Surrey, Hazell is delighted to be contributing a message to Global Pride. Covid19 may have tried to destroy the Pride season of 2020, but the LGBTQ+ community (and their allies)  around the world will not let […]

Rhondda Pride TV

The Queen of Hi-NRG will be chatting with hosts Tammy Paxton and Minus de Kock for a special interview, talking all things Pride, her support of the LGBTQ+ community and, of course, her incredible music career. “Sunday night at 9pm on Rhondda Pride TV we present The Queen of High Energy Hazell Dean” https://rhonddapride.co.uk/

HIV Scotland

HIV Scotland – Live In Lockdown Featuring over 40 acts including: @jaidaehall @morganmcmichael @StivyParis @SadieSinner @LADYRAMPANT @AsifaLahore @ReubenKaye @rujazzle @AaronTwitchen @Comediandana @HazellHD @XtinaBianco1 @mzzkimberley @JennaDavinci @SoroyaMarchelle @jojosutherland @JustAlix85 AND MORE

Gender Recognition Act

Support Trans & non binary rights this Pride month. Please write to your local MP to lobby for them to hold the government to account – I di – Please see Dominic Raabs reply below. 15th June 2020 Dear Mr Raab As one of your constituents, and patron of Pride In Surrey, I am writing […]

/NOT Alone Questions

/NOT Alone Pride In Surrey – “A Night With Hazell Dean” For those of you who joined the live /NOT Alone video chat which Hazell and Stephen of Pride In Surrey, there were quite a few questions that they didn’t get to. So here are the answers to the questions submitted, but not answered during […]

Not Alone

Join us for a /NOT Alone special with Queen of HiNRG, Patron of Pride in Surrey and an all round Pride Stalwart ‘Hazell Dean’. We’ll be talking about Hazells’ incredible career, looking at some of her best bits and of course asking any questions you may have to. Got a question for Hazell? Text: TALK […]

One Minutes Silence

Your mission, should you accept it… is in true MoonWalk style, to share a minutes silence together for all those living with cancer and for all those that are struggling through each day alone. Hold out your hands and come together and share your love, thoughts and energy… then… donate just £1.00 and let’s see […]

A Night In with Hazell

Join us for a /NOT Alone special with Queen of HiNRG, Patron of Pride in Surrey and an all round Pride Stalwart  – Hazell Dean. We’ll be talking about Hazells’ incredible career, looking at some of her best bits and of course asking any questions you may have to. Got a question for Hazell? Text: […]