MoonWalk 2017

It’s exactly one month to go….and counting.
Hazell is taking part in the 20th London MoonWalk on 13th May, to raise money to fight the beast that is breast cancer.
Here are  some excerpts of an interview with the lovely ladies at MoonWalk HQ to help publicise the event.
Please sponsor her. Every £/$ helps…….

How did you first hear about The MoonWalk Hazell ?

Hazell: I have known about the MoonWalk for many years, and have sponsored people who have taken part, but to be honest it wasn’t something that I had the burning desire to take part in. Walking through London, at night, in my bra never really appealed to me.
That all changed in October 2016 when my lovely friend, Jayne, died after a ferocious battle with breast cancer.
Jayne passed away days before her only daughters 12th birthday, Heart-breaking and so cruel. A child lost her mother. A mother lost her one and only strong, caring , loyal best friend/daughter.
Over the past three years I have had six friends who have been diagnosed.
After treatment, varying from double mastectomies, radio therapy and chemotherapy five have survived the fight. Losing one is one too many.
At Jayne’s funeral it was suggested (after much prosecco) that we do the MoonWalk in her honour, and here I am, signed up for the Half Moon.
Im in a team of Jayne’s friends known as “The Jaynebows” A group of rowdy, reprobate Yummy Surrey Mummies.
Our team leader says controlling “The Jaynebows” is like trying to herd cats. An impossible task, which is what makes it such a perfect tribute to our very funny friend.
We are walking for Jayne, and for everyone affected by breast cancer.
Channelling grief into something constructive is very cathartic.

What are you looking forward to about the event?

Hazell: I think it will be an incredible experience walking amongst thousands of other women (and men) all who have, for whatever reason, felt the need to “do something”
as a response to this damn disease. We all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer.
I am expecting it to be very emotional, I’m sure there will be a mixture of tears and laughter. It’s going to be very tiring too. I’m usually tucked up in bed by 9pm!
Jayne’s mum emailed me recently saying that she knows that Jayne will be with us on the 13th May, smiling and laughing her very dirty laugh at the antics of “The Jaynebows”

Can you describe your decorated bra Hazell?

Hazell: I can’t take credit for the bra decoration, but what I can say is, it is apparently inspired by silent movie star Louise Brooks, and involves black and silver sequins, white fringing, silver tassels and of course
A black and silver feather boa!
Do you have words to encourage other people to sign up for the event?

Hazell: A friend of mine recently said something along the lines of “It’s just one mile, repeated until you reach the end. Every mile is yours.”
I will keep that in mind on the night.

Each mile is for Jayne and in memory of all of those who couldn’t fight anymore.
It’s for all of those fighting now, and for all of the battles yet to be fought, one mile at a time.…/the-jaynebows…

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