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And here we are May has been and gone and its been quite a busy month.

It started with both Miss Dean Junior and co-pilot feeling very fragile after having a horrible virus at the end of April.
In fact they both still have nasty coughs.
So where shall I start?

7th May seems like a good idea.

I was scheduled to perform at The White Swan in London that night, but Miss Dean Junior & co-pilot went to see “Sunset Boulevard” for the 2nd time, as the first visit had
been somewhat spoiled by the start of the dreaded virus, sadly I couldn’t go with them, and with hindsight, I bloody well wish I had!!!!

After seeing the show for the 1st time on 27th April, whilst off from school due to illness Stevie wrote to Glenn Close.

The letter was, I am told, quite charming, but sadly she didn’t get a reply, so before they went into the theatre for the last matinee (not one to give up easily) she took a card round to the stage door,
but was told that they couldn’t guarantee they would get it to Miss Close and maybe they should pop round to the stage door after the matinee as Miss Close often
comes out to meet fans, but again as this was the final day, and they were expecting a lot of visitors, it couldn’t be guaranteed.
Miss Dean junior wasn’t interested in hanging round the stage door, so politely declined.
“I wrote to her already” she said. The lady at the stage door seemed surprised “and Miss Close didn’t reply?” she asked.
“No” said Stevie, looking hurt. “I will make sure she gets it personally, as soon as she arrives, I promise” the lady said.

So off co-pilot and Stevie went, not really thinking any more about it, just happy that the card was destined to delivered in person.
The show was obviously brilliant, but they were way up in the Gods, with Stevie following Glenn Close’s every move through a pair of binoculars, transfixed, but as Stevie said in her card
“Im very high up in the balcony, so I might not be able to see you very well, but that doesn’t matter because I will hear you, and I hope you will hear me cheering for you” Like I said, utterly charming!

The interval came, and they got up to go for ice cream, but before they could leave their seats a gentleman approached. “Excuse me young lady” he said to Stevie, “Please can you tell me your name?”
She told him. “Ah, Stevie, I believe you have seen the show twice?” she nodded “and you have written to Miss Close twice?” She nodded again.
“Well Miss Close has sent me to tell you that she would very much like to meet you after the show, and that she is very excited to meet you!” Obviously both Stevie and co-pilot were totally shocked.
Stevie had put their exact seat numbers in her card (thats my girl) she wanted Miss Close to know exactly where she was – and it worked!!
The man sat next to them couldn’t believe it and said to Stevie “I’m going to see Bruce Springsteen in the Summer. Could you write to him for me please?”

They called me, giggling with excitement “Mama! You’ll never guess what just happened” she said “ We are going to meet Glenn Close”
To say I was gutted would be the understatement of the century!!!!

The 2nd half of the show started, and Stevie didn’t bother with the binoculars “I don’t need these anymore, I’m going to meet her!”
The 2nd half of the show feeling that much more intimate knowing that very soon
they were indeed going to meet “Norma Desmond”

After the show, and the many standing ovations, they went to where they had been instructed to wait, and within minutes were whisked backstage, and to a door, and before they know it ushered into a room where
Glenn Close, Hollywood A lister (and one of my favourite actresses of all time!) stood waiting for them – wet hair, no make up, dressing gown and slippers.
Stevie did what Stevie always does – she rushed up to her and threw her arms around her for a massive hug.
They chatted “Ah Stevie, a girl with a boys name just like me, and you are going to sing “Surrender” for an audition right?”

Co-pilot tells me that she was absolutely adorable, and Stevie, a little overwhelmed (its Cruella DeVille for heavens sake) just threw herself in for more hugs when she couldn’t think of what to say.
So audition advice was given, and let me say, its was very good advice.
My little girl now has a secret weapon in any situation that she feels nervous of, she just has to imagine Glenn Close standing with her, in her dressing gown and slippers
telling her that there is nothing that she can’t do, and that she must sing & fly…and obviously she has Mama’s advice too, which is BREATHE!
Their private chat continued, as did the hugs, before they bid Miss Close a very (very) fond farewell, but not before Stevie was given a bouquet of balloon flowers.
They both left completely entranced and very much in love with the wonderful Miss Close.

sunset 2

I headed off (somewhat dejected) to The White Swan, and thanks to my Sat Nav, went the scenic route, it took me forever leaving me stressed and grumpy due to very busy traffic.
That said, I had a great show, and the venue looks fab!

My next show was also in London, a 50th birthday & Leaving for America party.
I was the surprise for Mark & Robs guests – I think there were suitably shocked when I appeared.


Just before the show I received a call from my neighbour (and friend) Hilary. You may remember hers was the first voicemail received on arrival home from holiday.
Her calls usually start with “Nothing to worry about BUT……”
And this evenings call was no different. Hillary was on Buddy duty, taking him out for a “comfort walk” while we were out…..things did not go to plan.
“Hello. Only me. Nothing to worry about, but I’ve lost your front door key and my back door key somewhere in a field” she carried on “Buddy and I were both locked out, but I managed to get Rory (another neighbour) to climb over my garden wall and let me in. Don’t worry, Buddy can spend the night with me and I’ll bring him round late morning. We will go back to the fields and try to find the keys tomorrow”

Now, climbing over the garden wall in my road has become somewhat of an art. In fact its a little like “Hectors House” and happens quite frequently.
Co-pilot has been over the neighbours wall more times than Hector, Kiki and Zsa Zsa put together. Once over Denise’s. Once over Hilary’s. Twice over Wendy’s!
Life in Dean Towers is NEVER dull.

So Buddy spent the night at Hilarys, flat on his back, snoring like a rhino. He loved it!

Co-pilot and I drove home after midnight, and got stuck in the most hideous traffic. I cannot believe how many people were out and about in the Vauxhall area at that time of night.
It was like Wacky Races round there!!!

Apart from Glenn Close, the next big thing in our family has been Year 6 Sex Education.
The daily updates proved very popular on Facebook, so I don’t think there is anything you don’t know.
Stevie did come home on the first day, regaling us with the graphic details.
“The teacher made us tell her all the names we knew for the reproductive parts and XXXX (a boy who shall remain nameless, but you know who I mean Mrs B)
shouted out BULLOCKS. Im not sure what bullocks have to do with anything Mama?” she said.
Quite frankly, I surprised bullocks was the worst thing that got shouted under the circumstances.

My first Pride of the year was on 28th May in Bradford at Odsal Stadium.
The organisers did an amazing job pulling it all together after the original event was cancelled. Prides are usually a good opportunity to meet up with friends, and this one was no exception.

stevie stageon stagedragbulls2BP13324232_10153689552245954_13800728_o

My next show, Sat 4th June Wolverhampton, and its a FREE event, so if you are in the area come along and dance the night away with me and my mates, Sonia, Nathan, Jaki Graham and Carol Decker!!



Stevie did the audition, but the role went to another girl.
Apparently my babies version of “Surrender” was perfect, and he friends were outraged that she didn’t get the part.
In fact one friend was so enraged she told the teachers they had made a big mistake!
Stevie took it in her stride – you win some, you lose some, and as Miss Close says, you take it on the chin…
“but never forget you can fly!”

PPS. School social event of the year….guess who won a bottle of prosecco?!!!
A wasn’t Suzy or Sarah!

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