Love Is In The Air…

“I thought you were supposed to be semi-retired?” asked co-pilot whilst casually flicking through my diary this morning

Its true, I can’t believe how busy the diary is already – in fact Team Dean have already been handling enquiries for 2017!!
How can we only be in month two of 2016, when everything seems to be moving at breakneck speed?
Not that I am complaining, its great to be busy, and 2016 looks like its going to be lots of fun.

We have managed to pre-plan a few family treats throughout the year, the first of which was our visit to the Magical Lantern Festival
at Chiswick House to celebrate Chinese New Year.
Co-pilot loves all things Asian, and was once told in Beijing (where else?) they they were for sure Chinese in a previous life, so
Chinese New Year is an excuse for food and a family get together, especially this year as our child is a MONKEY!!!

Obviously any excursion for us ends up being an adventure, and our visit to Chiswick House for the opening of the Magical Lantern Festival coincided with the tail end of Storm Henry and the arrival of Storm Imogen.
I can’t believe the beautiful light sculptures survived the battering they took. They were truly spectacular, and even though it was rather chilly and very blustery,
We had a great time. We toasted posh marshmallows over a fire pit, and indulged in some delicious noodles. The only thing that would have made it even more perfect
was music. Maybe next year?

As we got almost to the end of the trail, Miss Dean Junior wanted her photo taken next to Cinderella’s carriage. Seconds after the photo had been taken, that whole section of lights shut down!
Im not surprised to be honest as it was blowing a hooley, but we were so lucky to have seen the show in its entirety before the elements caused any more havoc.
Its running to 6th March if you get the chance to go, but if not, Im sure it will return in 2017.

12th Feb: “Anthem” at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern = Hot. Sweaty. Smokey. A good old fashioned Hi-NRG stormer of a night, and as always a fabulous crowd.
Thank you!! Nice to see you C&A. Great T-shirts!!

Valentines Day is a BIG celebration in our house, and this year was no exception. We all send each other cards, even Buddy the Superdog, Everyone gets gifts.
This year we decided to have an Indian take away at home, so the table was set, for the occasion resplendent with candles, roses and a scattering of pink “diamonds”.
Its good to celebrate LOVE, and nothing is more special than being with the ones you love and love you in return.
V. Cards

School half term holiday arrived, and due to unforeseen circumstances all of our plans were scuppered, but we did manage a cinema trip to see “Alvin and The Chipmunks -Road Chip”
We took our seats in the cinema, which was pretty empty, but unfortunately managed to be seated next to what can only be described as the family from hell, who filled their two kids with fizzy drinks and sweets,
and then couldn’t (or wouldn’t) control them as they screamed, jumped up and down and climbed on (and over) their seats. Then left an unholy mess on the floor when they left.
We are very much looking forward to Kung Fu Panda 3.
Here we are waiting for our pre movie burger.

movie 2Movie

I also had the decorators in over half term, no thats not a euphemism for anything rude, Sean the Painter arrived brush and rollers in hand to paint our garden room and ceiling over the stairs.
We love Sean the painter, in fact even Buddy loves Sean, and Buddy doesn’t like many blokes at all. Time for a spring make-over in Dean Towers. New blinds are being fitted on the patio
windows next week.

20th February – SMASH HITS at Stockport Plaza. Again a fantastic audience, and great to see my mates Limahl, Nathan Moore and Sonia.
Wasn’t feeling my best that night, but had a great show. The place was packed, and everyone up for a good time. What a gorgeous venue!

Those of you who read my Facebook posts will know that on arrival home after what felt like a VERY long drive from Stockport I took a photo of Buddy reclined on a cushion, with a pair of plastic animals in the background in a very compromising position, and I commented that Miss Dean Junior had some serious explaining to do?

Well it seems, it was me who had the explaining to do this morning, when a load of those junk mail “catalogues” landed on the welcome mat.
As they are usually full of – “solar squirrels, extra wide fitting slippers, spider vacuums and other massively useful gadgets & gizmos that you didn’t know you needed but cost only £5.99” I thought it was safe for her to read though.
Imagine how I squirmed when she called out…….
“Mama, whats a Vibrating Love Ring?”

Right, I’m off to finish the never ending pile of paperwork.

Until next month. Be good!
Always Hazell xxx

Next shows:

11th March: Butlins Bognor Regis.
12th March: Pontins Southport.
18th March: Cheer Up. Fun Fair Club. Brighton

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