Life in Dean Towers…

…and things you need to know about Norse gods!


How are you all?
So apart from the arrival of a new baby princess and a whole new government, here’s whats been happening in Hazell Dean World:

2nd May: I was G Casino, Coventry. This was my first time in this particular venue.
WOW, the stage is very high, and positioned over the bar. Thankfully I don’t suffer from vertigo, but it was a little strange being so far away from the audience. Nice to see some friendly faces and to hear that everyone had a good time!
This mini tour with Odyssey is great fun. I get to catch up with them and have a good old gossip (as you do!) Always a bonus when you are
working with lovely people.

May Bank Holiday weekend, and a trip to Hampton Court Palace, at the request of Miss Dean Junior.
As a family, we absolutely LOVE Hampton Court. There is aways so much to do, and they hold fantastic events throughout the year, we are regular visitors.
This year they are celebrating 500 years of the Palace, so lots of fun stuff going on.
Miss Dean Junior and Co-Pilot have already been to a spectacular Son et lumière and firework display at the palace, so Bank Holiday Monday was all about the history, mainly Henry and Catherine of Aregon. The palace employ actors who re-enact various scences through the day in various locations, we managed to see Elizabeth I in discussion with the envoy to Mary Queen of Scots, a rehearsal of “Macbeth” directed by Shakespeare himself, and Queen Anne setting off on the hunt. A wonderful way to bring history alive for kids.
Miss Dean Junior found herself dancing in the Base Courtyard with Elizabeth I and a collection of characters from the past 500 years, before we all raised a toast (made by a young Henry VIII) with wine from the fountain…… “To Hampton Court!!!!”



7th May: Polling Day: As you know we don’t get political here on, but things certainly took on an electoral feel in Dean Towers as Miss Dean Junior was involved in school elections. Campaigning for “The Authoritarian Party” who’s manifesto was:
“Fighting and bullying = Zero Tolerance!” AND “A prayer/meditation/quiet room set aside for all pupils who wanted a safe, quiet place to be themselves’ well, can’t fault any of those policies.
She spent a lot of time (and used a lot of paper) making campaign posters, and even came up with a very cool winged A as the party logo.
The winning party got to “run the school” the following day……
Sadly The Authoritarian Party didn’t win, but she says she really enjoyed the campaign and had a lot of fun.
Thats my girl!
8th May: The 70th anniversary of VE Day. Coincidently, my big sister was born on the 11th May, and celebrates her 70th birthday too.
I can only imagine life must have felt pretty good for my parents as a young couple 70 years ago – the war was finally over and they had a new baby – a time for new beginnings indeed.

9th May: G Casino Reading. Another great show (fantastic sound -Thank you Callum)
I did however have a senior moment as I started to sing “Hot Stuff”. I simply could not remember the lyrics, so kind of freestyles through till I got to the chorus. After the show, Co-Pilot said “Great show. but “Hot Stuff” was rather interesting?”
Phew, I think I got away with it?

Sunday 10th May, and time for a bit of relaxation in my garden. Miss Dean Junior was away for her best friends birthday weekend (they were zoo keepers for a day!). I was pottering in my garden, when my lawnmower blew up! Once I had got over the shock, and Buddy the super dog had finished sniffing around the smouldering, useless machine, I was straight on my laptop ordering a new one.
I cannot have Dean Towers looking unkept.
Do you ever have times when all of your household appliances seem to go wrong all at the same time?
Welcome to my world, everything seems to be breaking down or blowing up on me this month!!!!

Sunday 10th May continued: Life with a child is never dull.
Those of you who follow me on Facebook will know that my daughter met a baby goat whilst zoo keeping for the day.
“Do you know what baby goats are called?” I asked.
“Trixie” she replied. Heaven help us!!!!
Miss Dean Junior had a piece of homework to complete on that night. She had to learn by heart a Norse myth ready to re-tell in class.
So at bedtime, she lay on my bed, having a snuggle, practising her version of “Fenris The Wolf”.
We had passed the bit where we discovered Fenris was the wolf child of the god Loki, when she announced very seriously
“The other gods and goddesses were so frightened of Fenris, Odin had to take them up the back passage!”
There was a stunned silence from co-pilot and I for a few seconds, followed and by a brief battle to suppress our laughter, until we could hold it no more, and the next 10 minutes were spent rolling around the bed crying with laughter.
She had no idea what she was laughing at, but the sight of 2 hysteric adults made her laugh uncontrollably too.
KIDS! (or should that be, TRIXIE’S?) But, tell you what, if I were a Norse goddess i’d steer well clear of Odin!

Some of you will know from my Facebook, that I had a suspected gas leak here at Dean Towers. A very nice man came round and took readings all around my house, and thankfully no leak!
So, how did that start? Well, a rather unpleasant smell was detected in an under stairs cupboard and the garden lounge. For unpleasant, read: smells like something had died under my floorboards!!!!
So after much investigation, several survey and emergency meeting with my neighbour it appears next door has bridged my damp course and a trench is required (Co-pilot has become quite an expert in vertical trenching and high pressure silicone wall fillers – neither of which we will be having in/around the Victorian walls of Dean Towers) I have a de-humidifier in my under stairs cupboard, my air bricks are all being prodded and poked to get the air circulation flowing. The stench of rotting corpse has finally left the building.

23rd May – Eurovision Dinner Party: Swedish meatballs, Greek salad etc etc……you know the deal, food from the countries taking part in the Eurovision.
Dean Towers played host to an evening of friends, food, fun, singing and dressing as Conchita (I declined).
Miss Dean junior and her best mate Joe had a great time, inducted into the camp joys of Eurovision aged 10, staying up till midnight (we pressed that red button so they could sing along)
Each of us had a country allocated to us…….I of course had the UK. So around the table we represented/supported, Sweden, Russia, UK, Greece, Italy, Australia and Ireland (poor webmaster didn’t know Ireland had been knocked out in an earlier round)
Miss Dean Junior was Sweden, so went to bed very happy indeed. What more can I say except, a great time was had by all

24th May: Bar Eden, and yet another fantastic night.
The bar was absolutely heaving, after a weekend of free entertainment provided by the bar to all of its customers to celebrate Birmingham Pride.
Always fun to bump into friends. I only saw Sonia briefly, but managed to catch up with Toyah for a girlie chat.
Sadly didn’t hang around to see Bucks Fizz as had to head home. Didn’t get back to Dean Towers till 3am!!!


Bank Holiday Monday, after the very late night at Eden, this Diva needed a long lie in, some light pottering in my garden and a BBQ – ahhhh, Bliss!!!

A half term trip to London zoo, and we all fell in love with the aardvarks, a potto and a sleeping kangaroo.
London zoo is fantastic, and the weather the day of our visit was simply glorious, and considering it was half term and busy, it really didn’t feel overcrowded.
A perfect family day out. Miss Dean Junior loves Tiger Territory, as it houses Sumatran tigers, a particular favourite of hers, as she made and sold loom bands to
send to to a conservation fund last year (any kid who can sell loom band bracelets to Jason, Rick, Sonia, Nathan AND Bananrama deserves a round of applause!)



Next stop….G Casino Blackpool on 12th June, followed by Blayds on 20th June. See you there?
Oh, and “Nightlife” scheduled for release in June too………

Until next month. Be Good!

PS. Norse Mythes….For those of you who are wondering, Odin had to OPEN UP ANOTHER PASSAGE into the council chamber of the Norse gods, so they wouldn’t have to pass the snapping, snarling Fenris the wolf on their way to council meetings! Odin did not “take them up the back passage!” Wouldn’t want to leave you with the wrong impression of a Norse god.

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