January 2016

What Happened to January?
This year is flying by at an alarming rate.
My diary is busy already, and Team Dean are getting enquiries for 2017. Doesn’t look like I’m going to be allowed
to retire any time soon eh?

My last show of 2015 and first show of 2016 was in Blackpool at KAOS on New Years Eve.
I counted 2016 in then….Showtime!
What a great audience. I can honestly say it was a fantastic start to 2016, and the first time
I sang “NIGHTLIFE” live.


Miss Dean Junior, Buddy the Superdog, Co-Pilot and I spent 3 days with the Northern branch of the family.
It must be something to do with Blackpool, because festooning the house with lights seems to be in the blood.
The family home being so brightly illuminated & festive I swear it could be seen from space! It was brilliant.
I am seriously concerned that our house may be getting a similar makeover next Christmas, as we were packed off with 4 boxes of spare lights.


Back home to Dean Towers and back to school for Miss Dean Junior.
Its always a downer after having a lovely Christmas holiday.
School work has ramped up now they are 11, and maths is quite a challenge (Thank You Michael Gove!) and the final year at
junior school is going to begin the transition to big school. We are going to make sure she enjoys every minute of it.
Boys however are causing some concern. She came home in the first week complaining about them:
“After we do PE the girls all use deodorants, and smell nice, but honestly Mama, when the boys come back in the classroom smells like a Monkey Pit!”
Well, there is just no answer to that is there?


My 2nd show of the year was at Butlins for The Hit factory Weekender on 30th January. Always great to see so many friendly faces in the audience, and to get
to say hello after the show. Some fun photos were taken.
Stefan, I have to say, I loved the banner!!!


Managed to have a good chat with Rick Astley and his band & sound crew, they are such nice people. I had seen some of the musicians at the Royal Festival Hall Show, but hadn’t seen Dawn (Ricks
fabulous backing singer, and lead singer of The Brand New Heavies) and Speth on sound., both lovely girls.
Amazingly, considering we live in the same village, Rick and I only see each other at shows.
He has been known to honk his car horn at me in the village while driving through and Miss Dean Junior & Co-Pilot bumped into him at an ice cream van whilst out with Buddy, but apart from that its
really hard trying to get together despite the exchange of emails trying to schedule in a Astley & Dean family day in the Summer.

BUT…..I am guaranteed to see him this Summer, along with some other old friends at the REWIND Festivals. I’m really looking forward to the shows, and hope some of you will come along too.
I’m counting on you to get the crowd chanting “HAZELL! HAZELL! HAZELL!” you know how I love that!


So, with the rest of February ahead of us, the first family evening out is to a Chinese Lantern Festival to celebrate the departure of the goat and the arrival of the Monkey.
Miss Dean Junior is a Monkey, so she is super excited to have a whole year in her honour. I don’t think she has realised that her entire class are monkeys too. On second thoughts, as the boys
apparently smell like monkeys, maybe its no coincidence?

I will be performing at “ANTHEM” at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern on Friday 12th February (and for those of you who are going…“HAZELL! HAZELL! HAZELL!”)
I usually have a great show there, so hoping this one will be just that! I will of course be accepting early Valentines tokens of affection, fit for The Queen of HiNRG:
Flowers? Chocolates? Fizz? Diamonds……I will leave it to you to decide.

Valentines Day is a BIG celebration at Dean Towers, even Buddy sends & receives cards. We are a very loving family, and can’t let the dog miss out on a bit of Cupids magic can we?

And then its school Half term. Im sure that will provide some stories for the next blog. Never a dull moment in Dean Towers!

So until next month…….KUNG HEI FAT CHOI……..HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Always Hazell xxx


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