Hi Team Dean-ers everywhere

I’m looking forward to a busy May, June and July joining my peers on the LETS ROCK Tour.

I am performing at 9 of the events across the country (I will not be appearing at LETS ROCK LONDON)

Look out for me in the “Retrobates Party Live” section, and make sure you are there early, as this is very early in the schedule for the day.

It’s a short, snappy section and you don’t want to miss me – I’m on stage for exactly 4 minutes 50 seconds! You have been warned.

That said – there is an awesome line up of your favourite 80’s artistes, so a good time is guaranteed.

The LETS ROCK schedule has meant I have had to decline a whole batch of Pride events this Summer, but you will be able to catch me at Pride Cymru’s Big Weekender on 25th August, which is (to date) my only Pride appearance of the season, so let’s hope the sun is shining on The City Hall Lawns the day.  I’m looking forward to it – they are a rowdy bunch in Cardiff.

Talking about Pride – I have been involved since 1984.

My first Pride appearance was in London at Jubilee Gardens 34 years ago, in the days long before records companies encouraged their artists to chase “The Pink Pound” or raise their profile by showing their support. This was Pride at its most raw and basic.

I have performed at Prides events every year since 1984, here in the UK, and including Germany, France, Holland, Sweden, South Africa and America.

Prides that have been organised by dedicated individuals who have campaigned for many, many years for the freedoms and equality that so many take for granted today.

· Some of us were visiting AIDS units when it was still a guaranteed death sentence, raising money for research and care of those affected.

· Some of us were standing up against Clause 28 – a legislative act incomprehensible to most under the age of 40.

· Some of us were there before it was seen as a “good career move”.

So – don’t come moaning to me on Facebook with “I can’t get tickets for Brighton/Manchester/Newcastle (etc.) all the straights have bought them to see the headliners. You should be there!”

We were there. We have always been there.

The campaigners, the activists, the drag queens and performers who have played a collective part in raising the visibility of the LGBTQ community.

Along with many other individuals, who have earned our rainbow stripes – I’ve been there for 34 years!

(Fact – Britney Spears was 3 years old when I performed at my first Pride in 1984)

Be grateful that because of the actions of committed individuals who have supported, organised and performed at Pride events for over 30 years, you have the freedom of choice through the evolution of these events.

Go and see the Big Pride “Headliners” Enjoy the show.

Enjoy the day (or the weekend) Have a camptastic time. Enjoy Pride.

But maybe take some time think about what it took to get here, and instead of moaning that you can’t get tickets for the BIG Prides (or you don’t like the line-up) get out and support a smaller local Pride event instead.

Without your support they cannot survive.

Gay Pride was not born out of a need to celebrate being gay, but for the right to exist without persecution.

Now is the time to celebrate what has been achieved so far, but do not forget that in many countries around the world people are still persecuted, imprisoned and murdered for being gay or transgendered.

Enough said.

So………..I’m also looking forward to spending time with my family, Miss Dean Junior and Co-Pilot will be joining me for some of the LETS ROCK festivals.

Sadly Buddy The Superdog can’t come out to play on these occasions but has alternative plans with his dog sitter who spoils him rotten.

He will be having plenty of pampered pooch minibreaks.

We are always very organised here in Dean Towers so we have plenty of fun days out, concerts and a holiday booked into my diary for over the Summer.

Would you be surprised if I said we had already got a panto, a carol concert and theatre tickets booked for Christmas? Oh Yes We Have!

I’m part way through recording new tracks with Pete Ware. I love the Dean & Ware production dynamic – its so instinctive.

We have finished 2 tracks and are part way through a third. Still more to do, but they will be ready when they are ready, looking likely to be late 2018 if not early 2019. They’ll be ready when they are ready.

There are a couple of 48 Hour 80’s Weekenders already scheduled in for 2019, and Team Dean have enquiries coming in for 2020 – so much for being semi-retired eh?

And finally, some of you will have noticed we have a new HD Logo, featuring a crown.

Well, when the date for the Royal Wedding was announced, we realised it was the same day at the first Lets Rock Show, so Team Dean suggested I had a fun T-shirt with a royal theme for the day. We played around with various designs before settling on the HD crown. I am after all The Queen Of HiNRG.

We liked it, so we are keeping it – and that’s what I will be wearing on all of the Lets Rock shows across the UK through May, June & July.

These 2018 T-shirts can be bought here via the store page.

I make 0% profit from this merchandise, as I prefer to support a small gay business in Northern Ireland. They do a great job.

They also do a fantastic selection of Pride T-shirts too!

So that’s it from me for a while.

Stop The hate – Turn It Into Love – and don’t forget Pride is about more than who has “the best headliners”

Always Hazell xxx


Copywrite © 2018 Hazell Dean