Christmas time again and this will be my last blog for 2015.

A year that has been an emotional roller coaster, and one that I had long been dreading.
It took me a while to pull myself together enough to sing after losing my mum, but I took to the stage again on 7th Nov at Fosses
Theatre Show Bar. I had a a really great show, and it was the perfect environment to test my voice.
Emotions do strange things to the vocal chords – I am sure you will all have experienced that tightness, and “lump in the throat”
feeling when you are on the verge of tears – now imagine trying to sing – it is quite simply impossible.
Thanfkully, I received such a warm welcome and had a storming show.

The following Friday I flew off to Gran Canaria for Masapalomas Winter Pride, and again had a stormer of a show.

The Queen of Hi NRG I rocked it big style…..even if I do say so myself!

It was particularly nice to see old friends Norma Lewis, Ellie Warren, Jackie Rawe and the lovely ladies of The Three Degrees.
Ellie, Jackie and I go back many many years, from our days singing in Big Bands, so after the show we sat down together(with a few brandys) and reminisced about old times.
Great fun!



Jackie and I last sang together at the funeral of my dear friend, Clive Scott.
We took a verse each of “Amazing Grace” with a gospel choir for the chorus’s.
Clive was co-writer of “NIGHTLIFE” with myself and Ray Hedges…….so don’t forget to download your copy from all the usual digital channels from 11th December.
I hope you will be dancing round your handbags to “NIGHTLIFE” over the festive season.

The rest of November has been very family orientated.
Dinner with my friends, Christmas shopping and relaxing at home.
Obviously “Strictly” is a firm favourite in Dean Towers, so Saturday nights involve popcorn, sequins and glitter – perfect!
We have our favourites and of course vote for them.
Some of you may even know that during my time with The Andy Ross Band I sang on the on some of the original “Come Dancing” TVs & live shows.
I did two series, in fact ballroom legend, Peggy Spencer loved my voice, and even complimented me on my version of “Macarthur Park”
And I even sang in the wonderful Blackpool Ballroom – So have always been a “Strictly” fan!

Buddy the SuperDog has been poorly, with a nasty cough. He is being a very good boy, and sits quite patiently when its time for his antibiotics.
He was so poorly at one point, Miss Dean Junior and co-pilot slept with him. I think the love and snuggles did him good, although they both complained
that he snored and hogged the sofa bed. He is much better now, and enjoying the attention. He even has his own advent calendar, a gift from one of our
lovely neighbours. Spoilt boy!

……..and now December is upon us. Dean Towers is festively decorated for the Christmas holiday.
Co-pilot keeps glaring at the grey sky, as there hasn’t been enough sun to charge the solar powered fairy lights, artistically draped around the bay trees.
Hopefully a couple of crisp bright December days will do the trick.

Our Christmas shopping is done, and now all there is left to do is enjoy!
I did think that my first Christmas without my mum would be very sad, and I have no doubt that there will be many tears shed over the next few weeks, but my
mum loved Christmas so much I think that she has sprinkled me with her festive sparkle, as I am really looking forward to this Christmas!

Miss Dean Junior is obviously super excited, and are so lucky to have lots to look forward to.
A visit to Father Christmas….A trip to ‘Shreks Adventure”…….A couple of visits to the theatre……..and who knows, maybe a bit of ice skating too!

I wish you and your loved ones the most Happy & Peaceful Christmas, and look forward to seeing you all in 2016.


I will still be posting on Facebook in the run up to the holidays, so pop over and say Hello.


Hazell xxx

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