From a Wedding to Nightlife…

…The New and Amazing Album.

Hi There Team Dean-ers

How are things with you?
I have done a fair few miles in my car during March & April. This year is looking nicely busy, so it means I get to see more of you guys
while I’m travelling like a minstrel up and down the UK.

My first show in April was on the 2nd at The Frontier in Batley.
I had a fantastic show, and as always it was lovely to meet up with Sonia and to have a good old chat.
No gossip, its all mummy stuff when we get together, discussing our daughters and what they have been up to.
(much talk on tonsils on this occasion) Rock n Roll eh?
I haven’t seen Cheryl and Mike (Bucks Fizz) for ages, so again it was really nice to catch up with them too.
The guys at RAW Events put together a really fun show with this motley crew, and a great time was had by all, including the artists!

Next stop 4th April and I was at G Casino in Didsbury. For anyone who was there… will know what I mean when I say I felt like I was being interviewed.
That said, it was a really friendly audience and the ladies were particularly ready for a good old party with me and Odyssey. Plus a couple of Birthday Girls in the house: Orla & Ace – I hope you both had Very Happy Birthdays!

I was up at 6.30am the next day to drive home (with the start of a sore throat) to Dean Towers, pick up Miss Dean Junior and Co-Pilot and head out to Hayling Island for a family wedding, and what a really lovely wedding it was!
Congratulations Kay & Richard!!


The day after the wedding, and a trip to the cinema to see Cinderella (and the new Frozen Short, much anticipated in our household).
Who knew that driving into Portsmouth on a Bank Holiday was such an ordeal. As we were about to miss our first booking a hasty phonecall had to be made to reschedule as we were sat in a hellish traffic jam for AGES!
Cinderella is delightful…….everyone loves a happy ever after, don’t they?

The next day I cam down with a Very Sore throat. Much gargling with soluble aspirin. Not to ill to eat a few Easter Eggs though!

Miss Dean Junior spent the 2nd week of the Easter holiday as The Trunchbowl from “Matilda” after joining our mate Denise Waterman at All4Kids.
She almost got into big trouble one morning, as yelled from the back seat “Come on, get on with it you maggot, HUURY UP!” just as I was about to start the car. I was just about to give her the “do not speak to me like that” when she said innocently “Im just practising my lines Mama!”
Hmmmm…..I think she may have been pushing her “little bit naughty” luck!


Miss Dean Junior is an avid fan of “Glee”. After a episode which featured Rachel Berry’s “boyfriend” being revealed as a gigalo, thanks to Santana Lopez and her Mexican third eye (I have no idea who any of these characters are!!!) So in true 10 year old style the question “Whats a Gigalo?” was fired at poor co-pilot.
She pondered the abridged explanation of the duties of a gigalo for a few days, then announced very seriously on a walk to the supermarket, that she suspected the inhabitants of a house we were passing were probably gigalo’s.
Her evidence? “Well” she said “there are always a lot of posh cars in their drive, so I think they belong to the ladies who have gone inside to be jiggled.”
So there you have it. The best explanation I have ever heard – Gigalo’s jiggle ladies. Who knew???!!!

17th April “Cheerz” – Up to Aberdeen and a very late night for me.
An enthusiastic audience as always -I think it may be something to do with the vast amounts of “Iron Bru” consumed?

Whilst I was flying back down South to Dean Towers, Miss Dean Junior and co -pilot bumped into Rick Astley at an ice cream van by the river whilst walking Buddy the super dog. I still think this is crazy that Rick and I live in the same village – you never know who you might see tucking into 99 in the sunshine!

Whilst spending a morning at my desk doing my paper work, I discovered a missing cheque (and a guilty looking cockerpoo) so had to phone the accounting team at Pontins to explain “the dog ate my cheque”…..seriously, the poor guys couldn’t speak for laughing. I know its an excuse usually used for homework, and we have indeed had to send a note into school when Buddy (as a puppy) DID rip up Miss Dean Juniors homework!
Kids!!! Dogs!! Who’d have em???

25th April G Casino Portsmouth. Lovely to be back at G Casino on Portsmouth. Im always guaranteed a warm welcome by the team there and the audience.
Sadly, there problems with the sound, so I hope it didn’t spoil the show too much for any of you in the audience.
Now, I’m not a difficult Diva. I don’t demand crates of champagne, or Jack Daniels. No requests of scented candles and baskets of puppies for me, BUT
I do like my sound to be as good as it possibly can be, not just for me, but to make sure the audience has the best possible show.
Bad sound is guaranteed to make me very grumpy! Enough said.

Obviously the news for May will be the release of “NIGHTLIFE”, and at last I found a slot to shoot the cover.
Although the weather that day had been glorious, let me tell you, by night, standing under the wonderful statue of Queen Boudica (and her warrior daughters) on the steps of Westminster Bridge, it was Bloody Freezing!!! I suffered!!!!
I also got no sympathy – after showing an American Super Model friend the photos (every home should have its own super model) who said
“Cold? Hazell I don’t know what you are moaning about. If I’d had to do that shoot, I’d have been made to do it in just my pants!”
Fair point…..but I was still cold!

Westminster Bridge has some of the best views across the Thames. The lights are fantastic and it epitomises London at its beautiful best.
That said, Embankment can be pretty stinky in places, no doubt used as an emergency urinal. We did shoot a few images in what shall now be affectionately known as “Piddly Corner”…….and thats being polite!

The announcement of the album name posts got a whole load of positive messages complimenting the photography style (Thank You!)
This cover is going to be intentionally very different to the previous releases, and I am delighted with the images we shot.
A bit moody and atmospheric.
Team Dean-er Ally Denholm posted this lovely message on Facebook “Love this cover… the Queen of HiNRG standing in the shadows and watching as the city comes alive to the sound of her brand new beats. Cannot wait for the new album. Long live the Queen x”
Thanks Ally, that is EXACTLY the atmosphere we wanted to create with these images.

Energise will be building up for the album release with some sound clip teasers, so keep watching here on the website NEWS panel, on my Facebook page: and on for more information.

For blog

Next shows 2nd May G Casino Coventry, 9th May G Casino Reading and Bar Eden on Sunday 24th May.

Well, thats about it from me. Im looking forward to a “Eurovison” themed family dinner on 23rd May. Miss Dean Junior has it all planned.
There will be food from the various competing countries, flags, scoring sheets and I believe there may be some dressing up involved……..Good Grief!

Hazell xxx

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