February Blog

February, the month of Friends Love, Romance and RE:VISITED!

The month started with a surprise visit from Australia from my dear friend Ruby James.
Ruby and I have known each other for well over 40 years, and met when she joined The Mike Holly Sound at The Cats Whiskers, Streatham, taking over from another lovely friend Kit Rolfe (more of Kit later) Sadly Ruby had made the journey over for the funeral of a friend and fan from our days at the Cats Whiskers.
A sweet kind gentleman called Ali, who never once missed sending Ruby, Kit and I Christmas cards and little gifts, always addressed to “Lady Ruby” “Lady Kit” and “Lady Hazell”. God Speed to you Ali – your Christmas greetings will be missed.

Ruby, her sister JJ and our dear friend Michael all came over to Dean Towers for Sunday lunch – just wonderful to spend time with the people you love.
Time and distance doesn’t change anything with true friends.

Next came Valentine’s day. This is generally an extravagant affair, but this year we decided that flowers , cards and a lovely family dinner would suffice.
OK, I admit, even Buddy gets a card, but we LOVE him, so he deserves it.

A few days later, we took our half term trip to visit Kit Rolfe and her beautiful horses.
You guys will know Kit through of Eurovision, as Belle & The Devotions, but I have known Kit since we were 18 years old!
And yes ,it was Kit and I who did the backing vocals for Samantha Janus in Rome when she represented the UK in Eurovision.
(Kit and I had a great time. Poor Sam didn’t!)
Anyway, a wonderful lunch (thank you Paul Carmichael) lots of chat and giggles, especially when Kit introduced me to PicsArt. Honestly we could barely breathe for laughing.
I am so blessed to have Kit and Ruby in my life after so many years.

I’m not a fan of horses, they are too big for me, and quite scary, but Kit adores them.

Czak is No1 at the stables, and only loves Kit, he has been part of the family since he was 6 months old and is now 21.
Rheva is the naughty princess (and dressage champion) who likes to scoop Miss Dean Junior under her chin and squeeze her tight for cuddles.
Pyoter is the baby, who had co-pilot kissing his nose, and was pulling on sleeve or hood if any attempt was made to leave.
I tend to admire them at a distance – the further the better!

Saturday 18th Feb and up to Blackpool and my first visit to VIVA.
Also the first time I had met Denice Pearson of “Five Star”. What a lovely lady!
Great to see so many familiar friendly faces in the audience. Tim, Andi and now the REWINDERS.


Buddy the Super dog had been poorly during the week, and we had taken him to the vets, suspecting an ear infection. Quite common in cockerpoos despite having daily ear cleaning regime.
We were back and forth to the vet with him all week, but by Saturday morning he had taken a turn for the worse and was literally a lifeless floppy dog, laying on the sofa staring into space.
Emergency vet needed. I had to leave for Blackpool, but thankfully our wonderful friend Zena of Huxley Hound www.huxleyhound,com came to the rescue and was acting doggy ambulance for the day.

Blood tests, X-rays, scans followed, and the poor little fella ended up in Doggy A&E on a drip. It is safe to say we thought he was going to die.
Co-pilot received an call later that night from the emergency vet saying, Buddy was very distressed and so bonded to us, she thought it would be better if he was collected and taken home to sleep.
Our lovely neighbour Hilary was enlisted (She of the “Its only me. Nothing to worry about but” phone calls when we are away from home) so off they all went to collect a cockerpoo so full of morphine he could barely stand, but managed a feeble tail wag.
He instantly fell asleep in Stevie’s arms.
They were instructed by vet to sleep with him, regardless of the house rule “Buddy does not sleep upstairs”
So there he lay, nestled between them, canula in his shaved, bandaged arm, and snored for 12 hours in the bedroom, shaved belly and neck on display.

Happy to say he is back to his naughty, cheeky self now, but it was very scary for a while. I am now his personal chef.


My next show was at Stockport Plaza. A rowdy evening with my friends,Nathan Moore, Tight Fit, Kelly Wilde and Jaki Graham. Its always great to catch up with these guys, and the Plaza is such a fabulous venue.


The last show of the month was in Glasgow.
It never ceases to amaze me that as a artist, you take time to soundcheck, making sure everything is perfect for the audience, and then you walk on stage at showtime to an absolute mess, or in this case, sound so low it totally ruined the start of my show, and on-stage monitors that were even switched on, so I could hear a thing! ARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!
I don’t think I need to say more. I did however enjoy catching up with my old friend Bill Grainger, and of course Nathan Moore (how much more can I see Mr Moore?) and Dr & The Medics.

Obviously February has been dominated by the launch of RE:VISITED.
If you read my posts on Facebook you will know that it is the fasted and biggest selling Energise album to date, beating NIGHTLIFE into 2nd position.
I’m pretty happy about that. Who’s the Queen of HiNRG?

The fan response has been amazing, and it’s been great such positive feedback. Thank you!!!
The 30 Limited Edition signed prints have all found their homes, and are spread across Europe, the USA and even Australia.
No#1 is here in Dean Towers, on the wall in my daughter’s bedroom.

There are three designs of HD Limited Edition T-shirt available only from https://hazelldean.net/
They will be available to order until 26th March only. Team Dean T-shirts are available from the store on www.hazelldean.net.


2017 is looking busy shows, and this year I am pacing myself , 2016 was crazy busy, it was great fun but I was exhausted (semi retired??!!!)
I’ve spent time in the audio with Pete Ware putting together a few new shows, and obviously an ABBA classic is joining the party.
Shows are all updated regularly on www.hazelldean.net and on my facebook page.
We have been getting a lot of show enquires from the USA, but unfortunately I can’t do anything this year – Sorry!

And finally, I am delighted to say I have been asked to put on a red nose and join in a bit of Comic Relief fun with Radio 2 on the 20th March.
I’m really looking forward to it, as its privilege when you get to be part of something like Comic Relief, and a bonus when it’s with nice people.

So……Be good, and keep playing RE:VISITED, if your neighbours aren’t complaining – it’s not LOUD enough!

Hazell xxx

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