End Of Year Blog…

WOW, 2016 has been an absolutely fantastic year for me.
I have really enjoyed all of the shows I have performed in, and also enjoyed some
fun times with my family.

I’ve see Glenn Close in “Sunset Boulevard” (still gutted that I didn’t get to meet her)
I’ve sang along to Carole King in Hyde Park. I’ve held my daughters hand singing with Jess Glynne. I’ve rocked out at Hampton Court Palace and sang along with Anastasia.

Ive been on Britannia. I’ve been face to face with a giant panda. Too many fun things to list.
So I’m going to sum up the year in photos.

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2016 – has been a blast, but along with the laughter there have been tears.
2016 has been a horrible year for losing people in the entertainment business. People that we have grown up listening to and laughing with.
On a personal note, my friends and I lost our lovely Jayne, after a brave battle with cancer. Those of you who have bought “Happy New Year/The Way Old Friends Do” will know that I have dedicated “The Way Old Friends Do” to Jayne not just from me, but from all who loved her and feel the loss.

The Wicked Witch of the Wirral also left this world a much quieter place. Pete Burns – we miss you!


So it seems appropriate to end this blog with a story, one I don’t think I have told you before….

On 10th Dec, I took co-pilot and Miss Dean Junior to see “Motown The Musical”. We all love Motown, Hell with a child called Stevie, thats no surprise. Many of you will know that I was lucky enough to sing with
The Temptations:

I have never been to a show where the audience was actively encouraged NOT to sing during the show, unless invited by the cast. The show was great, hit after hit after hit, performed by a very talented cast.
It was such a struggle for me NOT to sing along, and reminded co-pilot and I of a really special “moment” I had with none other than Diana Ross.

Diana Ross is an absolute legend and I love her.
I have seen her many times live, so knew what to expect, and I love when she sings “Reach Out and Touch” coming off stage and wandering through the audience, hugging, kissing, touching hands with the audience. Everyone singing the backing vocals for her.
At this particularly show (Wembley, early 1990’s) we were sat on the 2nd row, so really close to Miss Ross when she came down from the stage into her adoring audience.

She did a circuit, sharing the love, shaking hands etc etc, but I didn’t get to ‘reach out and touch’……
As she started to go back up the stairs to the stage (I dont know why I did this. I NEVER do this) I called her name (Co-pilot said I wasn’t even loud,) I just called her….in Wembley Arena…music blaring….the diva returning to her stage.


She heard me.
She stopped.
She turned round.
She came back down the stairs and made her way straight to me.
I have no idea how she knew it was me who called her, but she did.
Diana Ross came back to me.
She took my hand and she sang to me.
The entire audience disappeared.
It was just me and her.
She sang a whole verse of “Reach Out And Touch” holding my hand, looking straight into my eyes.
Sweat pouring down her face, we never broke eye contact.
She sang, I cried. Tears rolled down my face.
My one shining moment with my idol, and in that moment Diana Ross knew,
without a doubt that I loved her.

And that my friends is the power of music, and something that has been my privilege to experience, and an honour to share, because to be part of the soundtrack of
your lives is an honour indeed.

I wish you a very Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.
May 2017 be peaceful and full of love.


Copywrite © 2018 Hazell Dean