Back to School !!!

Hi everyone.

Well, here we are in Autumn.
I have had a fantastically busy Summer, and started September not with a show but in the studio recording with my partner in crime, Pete Ware.
There is an album due for release December 2016.
It has been so difficult scheduling time in my diary this year, and so far 2017 is getting busy too, again its great but I have to strike a balance of shows and family.

Kids grow so fast, and the time just flies, so its rally important to enjoy these special times. This Summer has been special as Miss Dean Junior has been able to join me at most of the
shows, Prides and festivals. It makes it fun for me but is such a wonderful experience for Stevie, and I hope is giving her some pretty awesome memories.
I love the way she is confident enough to chat animatedly with pretty much anyone, and looks forward to seeing her “friends”.
She particularly likes Pat Sharp, Rick Astley and Toyah (who she is now taller than!)

My baby has now grown so much that she started Big School this September.
It was quite a smooth transition from Junior school with visits and a slow introduction.
The biggest drama was organising which buses the little darlings would be taking. You have no idea how confusing that has been, but all seems sorted now.
Its still quite a shock that little by little, day by day she is becoming more independent.
Apparently the language on the bus is rather colourful. Stevie came home and told us that she needed to ask a friends older brother something on the bus the next day,
but was fully expecting his reply to be “F. Off Lady Dog” It did take a few minutes to figure out the “Lady Dog”, “But he is quite nice really” – Thats a relief!!!

The other big change has been homework, or to be precise, how much more homework there is. The weekends are now a battle of wills.
We usually have half an hour of drama, tantrum and general awkwardness before everyone calms down, Rick Astley’s latest album “50” is put on and work commences.
High School going to be quite an adventure…………
school1School copy

I got to spend my first weekend at home after a hectic 10 weeks, which was, hmmmmmm so good!
Waking up in your own home for a lazy weekend is delicious.
A bit of retail therapy and the simple pleasure of a leisurely breakfast by the river cannot be underestimated.


My next show was at Pontins in Southport. I was in a room called “Lunar” that I had never worked in before, and I have to say the audience were great and so up to party.
I bumped into Nathan Moore, and Toyah too. Had a really good chat with Toyah. We always joke about how we always seem to bump into each other in really random places!
We have arranged to go and see Toyah in October, doing a one woman dialogue “Nine Lives”. I cannot guarantee that Stevie won’t heckle. I can guarantee that she will hug!
While I was busy working Co-Pilot and Miss Dean Junior decided to climb over the O2. Their reasoning “ well, we have been in it. We have been to shows there. We have been backstage and you have performed there.
We may as well climb over it too!” Cant argue with that.
The climbing activity was followed by “Marvel Universe Live” where they watched the performance both with Spiderman face paints – honestly , I give up!
Top O202

O2 downMarvel

After my Southport show show I started to feel the tell tale twinges in my back. Never a good sign………A Marvel Super Hero I was not!

The next morning I set off to drive part way to Minenead, and the pain really started to set in, and I started to worry.
I stopped overnight at a midway point, and the pain was getting much worse, by the time I arrived in Minehead at Butlins on the 25th Sept fora Hot Factory Show I was in trouble.
Jason Donovan, a fellow bad back sufferer shared his stretching techniques. Demonstrating them by laying on his dressing room floor clenching his buttocks.
This apparently strengthens the lower back muscles. We did a bit of clenching together, as by this point I would have tried anything to relieve the pain.
I did have a fabulous show, and my voice was on fine form, and at its powerful best. Sadly the moves were a little limited. Thankfully the audience were sympathetic.

I drove him the next day and immediately took medical and physio advice, which meant I had to cancel the first show of October, Chester Pride.
I hate having to cancel shows, and can count the number of times I have had to do it over a 40 year career on the fingers of one hand.
It is never a nice decision to take, but for the sake of my health I had to. The organisers of Chester Pride have been wonderfully understanding, and I very much hope that
I will be invited back sometime.

So here I am at home, resting and recovering and hope to be back on form for my next shown the 8th Oct at The Rembrandt in Manchester.
Treat me kindly Manchester… still a bit fragile.

Then its back to Cornwall on the 16th October.

Busy Busy Busy……

PS. Thank you to Nige Barrett for these adorable photos of my daughter and I taken at Plymouth Pride. Like I said, precious memories to be cherished.


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