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Beware the Ides of March……..?

Well my March has been pretty good.
Miss Dean Junior however, has not had a happy time of it. She is a habitual thumb sucker.
She has been doing it since birth (and I suspect even before she made her debut)
This is not good for her teeth, and the dentist recommended a habit breaker brace.
We have tried most methods of breaking this habit, but to no avail. She and her fellow thumb suckers even banded together at school to keep look out
for each other while they took it in turns to hide under the desk for a quick thumb fix!!!

So on the 2nd of March, with heavy heart, off we went to the dentist for stage 1: elastic bands around the back teeth.
The following week, stage 2: impressions.
Then on the 16th, stage 3: the fitting of the habit breaker!
It looks like a combination of a car grill and a medieval instrument of torture,
She has ulcers and a very sore tongue, and is lisping like Toyah Willcox!!!
Bedtimes have been a ordeal. There have been tears and pleas of “If only I could suck my thumb for a few more days….!”
And worst of all the dentist has banned ALL sweets except thin chocolate. This is not good, especially with Easter looming, and her utter distress “What about Cadburys Creme Eggs?!!!”
(melting them in the microwave was suggested by a bad influence friend, yes that means you Mrs J.B)
Tough love is tough on all concerned!

Shows this month have been great, starting with Carlisle on the 7th followed by Blackpool on the 8th March.
As always its lovely when people come and say hello, its nice to see some familiar faces (Hello Tim, Darren & Andi) and to meet some new ones (Hello Janine).
Both shows were fantastic, and a good time was had by all, but boy, was I tired when I got home to Dean Towers.

I’ve been getting lots of fantastic feedback on “24 Hours”. I have said before, for Pete Ware and I this, along with the tracks scheduled
for the new album, are we feel some of the best we have produced to date. So thank you for all your messages.
The new album is not quite ready yet, some of the tracks are still being remixed, but from what I hear so far, its going to be a winner.
I have been so busy lately that we haven’t even had time to shoot the cover images, but have a plan.
The album is scheduled to launch in May.
The track listing so far is:

Disc 1
24 Hours
I Close My Eyes
Still Hurts (New Song) Matt Pop Mix
Out of Control (New Song)
How Can I Get Over Getting Over You (New Song)-Luke la Barre mix
Nightlife (New Song) Matt Pop Mix
History (Andy Haldane Mix)
I Got The Music In Me (Andy Haldane Mix)
Whatever I Do, Wherever I Go (Sleazesisters 2015 Anthem)
Judgement Day (Original song) Matt Pop Mix
Addicted To Love (Ross Alexander Pumpin’UK Remix)
A Love Forever (New Song)

Disc 2
All the above Dean & Ware versions
Watch out for updates here and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hazelldeanofficial

I had a lovely day with my family here at Dean Towers for Mothers Day.
My mum came over with my brother, sister in law and sister for a big Sunday lunch.
As always Miss Dean Junior presented adorable presents (yes, I did shed a happy tear!)
I love a happy family day at home surrounded by the people I love. A happy day!

P1000823While I’m talking about families, hows this for a curious thing.

“The Ides of March” don’t signify anything special in itself – this was just the usual Roman way of saying “March 15th”.
The notion of the Ides being a dangerous date was purely an invention of William Shakespeare.
However, consider this: Elton John posted his Tweet on the 14th March, condemning Dolce & Gabbana for their “synthetic children” and anti gay adoption comments.
Stefano Gabbana replied calling him a fascist on 15th March (ironically, Mothers Day here in the UK).
By that time it had all gone, shall we say, pear shaped, for Mr D & Mr G.
Like another infamous Italian before them, Julius Caesar, Mr Dolce and Mr Gabbana will remember to “Beware The Ides of March” for a VERY long time!

Friday 20th March and it was off to Pontins, Camber Sands for one of their “48 Hour Party” – The venue was packed! I had a great show (as I always do there). Thanks for the messages posted on Facebook from those of you who were at the show. Im back at Pontins in Lowestoft on 19th July.

A bright but VERY chilly morning greeted us on Sunday 22nd for the ‘The Marsden March”.
Team Dean and I joined with our friends Ayden & David Beech to raise money for research and cancer care at the world famous Royal Marsden Hospitals. The walk was a total of 14 miles, between the two hospital sites, ending at the Sutton hospital, where David works as a Scientific Officer for The Institute of Cancer Research.
David studies the effects of medication levels in cancer patients blood and is a part of the amazing team there.
David walked the full 14-miles. Can you imagine being so dedicated to your job that you would walk 14 miles on a Sunday to support it? There were a lot of Royal Marsden staff on the walk, which just confirms how dedicated they all are. I joined Stevie & Ayden, along with my trusty TEAM DEAN gang, Paul & Rebecca for the final 5-miles.
This is the THIRD time Ayden & David have taken part in this event (well done boys!).

The atmosphere along the route was just lovely – all the wonderful stewards “high five-ing” the kids, clapping and cheering encouragement along the route.
Passing cars honked their horns, and we even had a fire engine flashing its lights for us at traffic lights, much to Miss Dean Juniors delight.
It was an emotional experience – walking among so many people, all wearing signs on their backs to show who they were walking on memory of or walking for.
So many mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents and children. We saw one family who were walking to “thank The Marsden for saving their daughter/sister” – and I am delighted to say, the child in question was on the walk herself, happy and jolly, bouncing along her, sign simply said “I am walking for……ME”

We were very proud to walk across the finish line, in the sunshine as a team, hand in hand to receive our medals – one of which is heading to New York, to our friend Simon, in whose wife’s memory
we walked – Pati, hope we did you proud!
Team Dean are delighted to have raised £1,858.00 for the Royal Mardsen, so they can continue their fantastic work.
Once again a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored us – every penny really does help!




Friday 27th March and off I went to “Xchange” in Bournemouth. I friendly crowd and big Thank You to Sheila for helping with the sound (no diva ever likes to sound like a Darlek!)
You can always trust a man in heels and a frock to save the day…..Thanks again Sheila!

Next stop – The Frontier, Batley on 2nd April………….I’m looking forward to seeing my Bucks Fizz mates and PWL pal, Sonia.

Always Hazell xxx
PS. Should you be tempted to melt Cadburys Creme Eggs in the microwave, please remove them for their foil wrapper, I do not want to be held responsible for the consequences!

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