An Unexpected Trip…

…to hospital and of course NIGHTLIFE!!

Hi Everyone

June started quietly, with sunshine & showers.
BBQs in the garden at Dean Towers – all calm and serene

AND THEN….. following several visits the the GP and a local walk in centre, we found ourselves being sent to A&E with
Miss Dean Junior. After seeing a consultant and two surgeons it was decided she should be admitted the following day for surgery. What a shock!!
As she had her tonsils out earlier this year, the prospect of more surgery was not nice, but she just got on with it, and didn’t make a fuss.
Lucky for us she was discharged late in the afternoon, so home for lots of love & TLC.
That night, the smoke alarm batteries decided to go flat which resulted in an incessant beeping at heaven only knows what time, with me bumbling downstairs (half asleep)
to get the stepladders, to climb said step ladders (in a daze) and replace battery – thus giving Buddy the Superdog opportunity to bolt upstairs and throw himself on a sore, bruised, sleeping child in my room, which resulted
in him being dragged back downstairs, before I stumbled back to bed myself. At this point I must point out that co-pilot had casually ambled across the landing, ignoring the alarm/dog and snuggled down in Miss Dean Juniors vacant room and was fast asleep, oblivious to the chaos around….I wasn’t happy!

The next day the pain really kicked in and we had to take the little one back to A&E as she was hyperventilating and shaking with
pain. After being given some proper pain relief (Calpol & Nurofen just did not hit the spot!) she felt much better)
We have had 3 weeks of trips to the hospital, going every other day to be looked after by the nursing team. Its been a longer haul than expected, but a huge relief that its all over now.
I have nothing but praise for the wonderful nursing staff at our local hospital (and the community nurses who visited her at home). We are VERY luck to have such a wonderful NHS.

Tinky Hosp
So, in the middle of all the hospital drama’s, I had a show (12th June) which took me away from Dean Towers and up North to the Blackpool G Casino.
As always in Blackpool (and the G Casino’s) a very friendly audience, all up for a party.
Only 2 more shows left on the Odyssey Tour.
G Casino: Thanet, Kent on 4th July.
G Casino: New Brighton, The Wirral on 31st July.

The Voice – Can you believe I was approached AGAIN! Telling me how good it would be for my career (REALLY?) Its the 2nd time I have politely declined.
If they ask me a 3rd time my response may not be so “polite”!!

How do I write songs is a question recently asked on Facebook.
To be honest, there are many things that trigger a song for me.
Sometimes its melody first. Occasionally it will be a title or line that triggers the process.
I don’t write much these days, but at my most prolific I would use either piano/keyboards or guitar to pick out the melody, recording my voice and altering the construction as
the song took shape.
Some songs/lyrics have been written to a backing track given to me, but none of the original songs featured on Nightlife were constructed in this way, they all evolved
naturally, melody and lyrics together.
Its hard to describe the process, as it takes so many forms. Inspiration can come from anywhere or anyone.

NIGHTLIFE – By now you will all be familiar with the photography on the new album cover.
I’ve seen suggestions that it:
“1. Should of been shot in a nightclub – 2. Me wearing a sequin dress/covered in glitter – 3. Surrounded by drag queens – 4. Deserve better than a quick snap on The South Bank”
Well, let me address those comments.
1. We did consider the nightclub route, and did have a friends club on standby, but due to my schedule it simply was not possible.
2. Sequinned dress and glitter – get serious!!!!
3. Surrounded by drag queens could have been fun, but there is only ONE DIVA on this album and thats me.
4 “A quick snap on The South Bank” – I chose the location very carefully. It is actually Embankment, not South Bank, and it was chosen not only for its spectacular views across and down
The Thames, but because that trip across the river has been part of my own personal “nightlife” for almost my entire career.
We did discuss Soho and Leicester Square, but logistically it would have been too much of a production.
So when Embankment, just by Westminster Bridge (under the wonderful statue of Boudica and her warrior daughters) was suggested, it felt instantly right. A quick snap it most certainly wasn’t. Plus it was FREEZING on the night we did the shoot, so I can assure you a “quick snap” would have been most welcomed by this Diva, shivering on the banks of the river!!!
The location was chosen for its visual impact and its place in my life. While everyone else was clubbing and partying, I have always been working.
Before I had hits, I was a singer in various big bands in town, and after the shows I would drive home, across one of the bridges, usually on my own in the early hours of the morning taking in the views across the city.
The views have changed over the 40+ years that I have been in this industry, but my nightlife has always been the same – Very different to the clubbers I entertain.
Which is why this contemplative, atmospheric imagery is perfect as it represents MY NIGHTLIFE, and the lights of this wonderful city.
If you don’t like it……hey, thats your problem, its MY nightlife, and thats exactly what it means to me – reflective and thoughtful – my nightlife has never been clubbing and partying. Solitude does not imply lonely.
I have always been a peripheral observer of a night time world that is not part of my social life. It is my work, and at this stage in my career I am very happy to be doing what I want to do, when I want to do it and with a
team of individuals who I want to work with. Thats what makes this album special to me.


The album however is anything but reflective – Disc 1 features the mixes of Matt Pop, Luke LaBarre, Tony Marinello, Andy Haldane, Ross Alexander and Sleazesisters, all of whom have
a proven track record of mixing clubbing favourites. All of them adding their own sparkle and fairy dust!
Disc 2 gives you the Dean & Ware productions. Pete and I being veterans of this business like to put our own stamp on a track, and I would like to say that they are all classy & sophisticated ( a little like myself – can’t say the same for Pete!!) These are our interpretations of the songs: some covers and some originals, and as the originals were written or co-written by me, they are exactly how I wanted them to sound.
“Still Hurts” being the exception as it is an original song written by my music graduate nephew, Josh Read. The Sleeve notes of “Nightlife” go into more detail about each track.
The first 100 CDs ordered will include a letter, signed by me, which give my (and Pete’s) thoughts on every track.
Fear not, if you aren’t one of the first 100 or if you buy the album digitally, as we will publish all of these notes here on my website on the discography page after the 9th June.
Keep checking the discography page or look our for a notification on Facebook for when the notes are posted.

(Nightlife – London Eye photo)


So, that brings me to the end of this months blog. I hope those of you who add “Nightlife” to your collection enjoy it.
I hope it becomes the soundtrack of your Summer!

Hazell xxx

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