The Dean & Ware Collection Vol. 1 & 2
Release Date
25th February 2022
Dean and Ware Collection Vol 1 and 2
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Track List
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Vol. 1:
Because the Night
This Is My Life
We Belong
Let the Night Take the Blame
In the Name of Love
Can You Feel It
Shattered Glass
No Frills Love
I Believe in Dreams
Close to Perfection
Never Can Say Goodbye

Bonus Track
Out of Control (Back in Control Mix)

Vol. 2:
Judgement Day
Out of Control
Whatever I do (Wherever I go
24 Hours from Tulsa
I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten
Still Hurts
A Love Forever
How Can I Get over Getting Over You
I’ve Got the Music in Me

Bonus Tracks
Because the Night (The Lost Mix)
We Belong (The Together Mix)
Let the Night Take the Blame (Latino Clapping Mix)