3,090 Miles Later!

Hi Everyone

Its has been a busy June, July and August for me looking something like this:
REWIND – Pride – REWIND – Pride – REWIND – Pride.
Drive. Sleep. Sing. Repeat. Drive. Sleep. Sing. Repeat.

Not that I am complaining, although my car is groaning after 3,090 miles driven. In fact we have had a fabulous Summer, making time around each show
to enjoy the local area and to have long weekends as a family, which is most important, especially during the school Summer holidays

REWIND North at Capesthorn Hall, Hosted by the effervescent Clive, or Dr from Dr & The Medics.
The REWIND shows are such good fun. Huge audiences all up for having a great time.
The question I keep getting is “Why only 2 songs” the simple answer is, this is the first UK REWIND tour I have done, and thats what I was scheduled to sing.
Nothing sinister, nothing more complicated. Just how it was scheduled.
Miss Dean Junior LOVES hanging out backstage…and Beaky the bird has become infamous. Jimmy Somerville really liked Beaky!

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We took a day off and went over to visit my old mate Kit Rolfe. Most of you will know her from “Belle and The Devotions” but Kit and I have been friends since we were 18 years old!
It was so nice to relax spend the day with her, chatting, eating BBQ,and of course meeting the loves of her life, the horses.
Stevie obviously had to go for a ride, on a gently soul called Rupert, as Kits show horses Czak, Peter and Rheva are just to much to handle. That said, Rheva the Diva is an exceptionally cuddly horse.


Next stop – Plymouth Pride. After a drizzly start the sun shone brightly and despite a few technical hitches, I had a great show, and a warm reception from a friendly audience.
Fantastic location on the sea from. Blue sea, blue sky, perfect.
After the show my family and I headed off for dinner and had the most superb scallops and seafood linguine. In fact this Summer has been a bit of a gourmet fest, we have has some spectacular meals!


My last rewind Rewind South was in Henley on Thames. Sadly the weather was dreadful, but that doesn’t top the REWINDER-ERS from having a blast. Oh, no, they are a very hardy bunch.
I had a cousin in the front row. I was planning on giving her a shout out, but wasn’t anticipating seeing her so clearly in such a massive crowd! Always nice to see a friendly face.
Speaking of friendly faces, the boys from Energise came along as my guests, as did some other friends (Peter, Jenny, Mike & Zena) much booze was consumed!
Backstage was equally friendly, with Toyah, Jimmy Somerville, Leo Sayer, SNAP!, the ever cuddly Mr Astley and Andy Bell.
Stevie was very mischievous and adapted everyones names on their dressing room doors: Ding Dong Andy Bell, Musty Eagan, and everyones favourite Dick Dastley. This resulted in Stevie & Beaky being sentenced to the REWIND naughty step! Rick has been on it many times.

I have had such a great time doing the REWIND shows this Summer. The backstage team are awesome, and we are all so well looked after.
It was appropriate to end the experience, standing on a table in the drizzle in the VIP area with my friends and daughter, singing & dancing to Rick Astley and Andy Bell – Happy Days!
Our friends Zena and Mike got to meet Andy Bell, which I think was the highlight for them, although Zena clinging on to Andy like a koala hugging a eucalyptus tree almost sparked a security alert, LOL!




My last show of the Summer was Cornwall Pride over the August bank holiday weekend.
My arrival not so auspicious, as security wouldn’t let us in (it happens)
The atmosphere inside the Pride marquee was fabulous, and the Cornish crowd made me very welcome.
After the tech problems in Plymouth, the sound in Cornwall was superb!

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To end a very busy Summer, we took a few days off to enjoy beautiful Cornwall, and too the chance to go back to one of our favourite places the Seal Sanctuary in Gweek.
Now let me tell you about the carpark. IT IS HELL!
I had a right bloody drama. Automatic cars do not like very steep inclines, and after two attempts at parking, I got myself completely stuck. There was a lot of swearing.
Thankfully we found a knight in armour (a metal head resplendent in Black Sabbath T-shirt, and long pony tail to be precise) He guided me out expertly. I was most grateful.
Apparently it ins not unusual for drivers to have to be towed out of the car park!!!

After a long drive home from Cornwall, I had one day to unpack and re-pack before heading up to Shropshire to work on the new album with Pete Ware.
Co pilot and child continued to have fun without me, hurling themselves up the Thames on a Thames Rib speed boat to The Barrier.
Apparently their next act of daring is to clime over the O2, as they say “we’ve been in it, we’ve been past it, you have sung in it, we might as well stand on top of it” Fair enough.

And finally the new album……….its sounding FANTASTIC. I have heard some of the Matt Pop mixes, and I have to say, its really very exciting.
I don’t want to give anything away, so you will have to wait until December!!!

September also saw Miss Dean Juniors first day at High School. Time flies and my baby is growing up so very fast…….

Have a great September, lets hope the sun keeps shining, and those gold, silver & bronze medals keep pouring in for our Superhuman Paralympic Team GB.

Always Hazell

Next shows:
23rd September at Pontins – Southport for their big weekender. Hoping I will see Toyah again.
25th September at Butlins – Hit Factory Live

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